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Now Available!

Thanks to andy for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Rumpl Blanket - Twin Sizes available.

DannyDrop Buyer

Rumpl Blanket - Twin Sizes

Rumpl Blanket - Twin Sizes

Queen Size, Twin Peak, Charcoal / Cyan
49 votes
Rumpl: Twin Blanket (Twin Peak / Charcoal-Cyan)
by andy
24 votes
Queen Size, Twin Peak, Deepwater / Red
22 votes
Rumpl: Twin Blanket (Paria / Iron-Charcoal)
by andy
15 votes
Rumpl: Twin Blanket (Twin Peak / Deepwater-Red)
by andy
14 votes
Queen Size, Paria, Fern / Mos
12 votes
Yeti Duvet
8 votes
Queen Size, Paria, Iron
7 votes
Rumpl: Twin Blanket (Paria / Fern-Moss)
by andy
6 votes
Queen Size, Paria, Thistle / White
by Kevin
6 votes
Enlighten Equipment Itasca Down Comforter
6 votes
Rumpl King Paria Fern/Moss
5 votes
Yeti down Cover
4 votes
Rumpl Blankets Deepwater Puffy King Size
3 votes
Rumpl: Twin Blanket (Paria / Thistle-White)
by andy
2 votes