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I really was not expecting the results I saw. When Beats are in the top 7, the poll loses any/all credibility.
It's been proven that some of the most expensive Beats headphones (hundreds of $) have less than $20 worth of parts inside them. They're literally the worst headphones I've heard in my life, even behind the free earbuds that come with cheap cell phones. I feel bad for anyone who paid that much for next to nothing. They might never know what quality headphones sound like. Sad!
H6 is Bae. The end.
People should really look into the Kennerton Magister. Incredible headphones! Couldn't really get more perfect headphones. Imagine just like the Brainwavz HM5's (just the most popular brand for those headphones) but on steroids - beefed up and optimized in every way.
Would be great to see custom earpads for the H6's down the road. Would sell out for sure. Perhaps some rectilinear pads that go around the ear...
Really need the QC25S for an Xmas present!
Just waiting for the AudioQuest Nighthawk to come back around !!! When it drops again I will jump on it SOOOOO FASSTTT !!! Waiting on some AKG 702s to arrive in mail to go with my Musical Fidelity X-Can v3 and unext amp is the DarkVoice 336 . have some insane Dark Side Of The Moon gold Cds ........i will be in Audio Nirvana
Is anybody concerned about the lamb skin leather fading easily on the h6s? I heard the earpads do not last too long.
I really want those sennheiser momentum wireless, kinda surprised they don't have more votes
How's the soundstage compared to the AKG K533 Pro? Or is the B&o H6 in a higher tier? And comfort? I'm looking for a portable, closed back headphone that has decent soundstage with a flat(neutral) signature. Good noise isolation is a huge plus, and the price should be less than $300. I listen mostly to classical music.
I'm on the same quest. I've narrowed it down to the AKG K553 and the Audio-Technica MSR7. As for the sound and purpose you have to figure it out yourself. Neither is a dissapointment. Audio-Technica offers better but different sound. Stage is really good in both. Either has low source requirements so even a smartphone can do.
Get hands on both and go with your gut.
Whoever added the "magister", if someone would help confirm my suspicion of someone obviouisly stealing some designs from Brainwavz, including their driver as it's the same, odd 42mm, 32ohm driver but theirs has a 'special titan dome'.... Another headphone looks oddly Audeze inspired and one Master & Dynamic... Whoever added that, I hope you can understand that these are not their designs. They sell 'wood' cups for whatever headphone, assuming they'd fit on any brainwavz and they look 3D printed or finely machined with a painted finish. I want to say stained but that's too glossy to be stained and in some cases, very poor painting as there's drips and bubbles. Some are stained now that I look. Some others are poorly painted. "magister" Cups. Browse their store. They claim to be made in russia and something to do with sweden.
Those are the best headphones on here, and the story behind them is long. Brainwavz was the one to adopt them after Fischer Audio (Russian company) bought them off of Yoga (CD-880), the original manufacturer and the ones who designed them I believe, but weren't selling enough units. What they claim is accurate and they always had the best quality offering of these happiness headphones. You couldn't possibly ask for a better base than these Yogas, and the Kennerton (same parent company as Fischer Audio) are essentially the highly optimized version of the headphones.
why is Beats even on this poll, let alone twice -.-'
here almost no one wants beats so...
People have deconstructed Beats headphones that sell for hundreds of dollars and shown that there's only about $20 worth of parts inside some of the most expensive Beats headphones.
The fact that Beats made it in this poll, twice, just shows the poll no longer has any true meaning or value. It shows too many people who answer this poll care more about image, and Dr. Dre's name than sound quality.
Philips X2 and AKG K712's are my vote for top value with amazing sound and decent pricing. Get those to drop!
I wish massdrop could contact Oppo one day. Discount on the HA-2 or the PM-3 would be a dream come true.
when will this drop
no idea
Beats r the best I have the solo 2s
so is trump
Does m30x and 50x sound different because im in thought of upgrading to50x
The ATH-M50x is the best bang for your buck. It can be used on mobile devices without and amp, it can be used with an amp and a professional setup, and it has one of the flattest responses I've seen in headphones in it's price range
S-HD650 is all I need :)
I want the new Sennheiser Momentum 2.0!
Superlux and/or the Philips SHP9500 should be minimally, audiophile starters.
The B&O H6 are the best. I have them and they sound sooo good ^~^
Witch DAC/amp setup do to use with the beoplay?
You won't need a DAC/amp for B&o play's. The impedence is extremely low as they are made for use with smartphones. If you really think you need a DAC/amp, such as if you hear a lot of background "fuzz" from the static inside your device when you are listening with headphones then get an Objective 2 from mayflower electronics. Or alternatively whichever one is currently on deal here but turning the power up too high could most likely damage the headphones due to the low impedence/smartphone nature so I'd reccomend using them as is unless you really have an onboard sound problem on your device.
Trust me, the B&O H6 are great! I have them and Love them :)
Trust me, the B&O H6 are great! I have them and Love them :)
Guys, I'd like some advice on headphones. I want something that is fit for anywhere.
Stop even putting beats on here. FUCK those pieces of shit, and FUCK Dr. Dre.
This is purely here for people voting for what they want, and beats are here because lots of people want them. I don't, you don't, so we just don't vote for them. They're never getting high enough to get an actual drop anyway and I daresay they ever will due to some of the mass drop staff, especially here, being very into there audio and trying to put sound above fashion. That said people keep bashing the B&o play H6 but they are an amazing pair of a cans, some are better at the price but for travel headphones they are pretty hard to beat, and looking that good isn't exactly bad.
Any news on this guys? Would be great to get a discount on the Beoplay H6.
The beats ones in this poll are Over-ear. That said, the still suck when considered for a good headphone. They over-emphasize bass to the point there is no point in listen to the actual song. just listen to the beat...
vote for Bose SoundLink on-ear Bluetooth headphones!!!
Do you guys know anything about audio? Stop voting for fashion headphones. Get the X2s up there as number one, or at least the HD600s. This stupid fashion stuff has to stop.
The HDH50 is a gem of a closed-back monitor.
The selections couldn't be compared fairly,some of them are portable closed ear(M50,bose etc), and the others open ear(sennheisers etc). Over-Ear Headphones are way too broad :/