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Go DSA Hana
I just want a coffee set, man.
Added the G20 Semiotic icon set, based on the computer UI symbols from the Aliens franchise.
Why is this not the most in-demand keycap set on the interwebs? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.
I missed the Carbon drop. I really want that set.
It's been a good while since we had an SP drop. I know they're backed up for a while on SA profile caps, but are they closed for orders on DSA too?
+1 for DCS profile here and can we please have option for R2 1.75 Control symbol and R4 1.25 Fn?
Would love a Modern Selectric in DCS.
I've been wanting the Green Tea set for forever! Maybe this will give me an excuse to buy a second keyboard.
Need those GMK purple modifiers.
Dsa Skull
PMK lists Eve as "In Production" so they may be getting ready to do another run of Eve.
must have eve!
Material metaphor looked great, would love to see that drop
I really want this in DCS.
I was late to the party on the 1976 set - would love for that to come back.
Can we please try to do an EVE drop? Kinda had enough of these gray-based sets like Dolch and Granite
EVE isn't PBT
Any chance of producing Matias/ALPS variants? I could even go with blank 1x1 keycaps, just in 2-3 matching colors, as it's for a Planck.
What about a set of blank modifiers for Penumbra, with the whole keycap in each of the accent colors?
BTW, the photos of Penumbra don't seem to have the same white balance, so on some it looks like old yellowed plastic, and on the others it looks much more like an off-white or cream. Which is it? The YCC sample seems to be somewhere in between?
Voted for Penumbra! Would love to see this set reissued. If technically feasible, it would be great to have Penumbra reissued in PBT instead of ABS.
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Penumbra can't be made in PBT, cause 1. Signature Plastics don't do SA in PBT and 2. if they would make it in DSA they would need to make it doubleshot, which they don't do in PBT either.
Yes, this is why I qualified my vote by saying "if technically feasible". In any event, Penumbra is such an attractive set, I would certainly settle for having it reissued in ABS.
Please vote for Penumbra - seriously, there's enough Granite out there to sink a battleship!
Penumbra is in SA profile. That automatically means ABS; Signature Plastics has stated they will not do SA in PBT other than a few blanks they ran.
As it stands, Bunnylake has already noted that he'll likely be doing another Penumbra run in the future but with the baby, working with the JTK sets, and finishing up a number of other group buys, he's a bit swamped at the moment. Penumbra round 2 will likely happen but it will take some time.
That said, if someone's truly in a hurry, perhaps check with Bunny and see about taking over a run; not that there's a legal necessity but the community tends to look down on attempts to run someones design without permission.
would love to get my hands on an evergreen set!
I designed it, I'm glad to hear you like it :) Hopefully if massdrop picks it up, there'll be a semi-permanent way to pick it up if it becomes more successful
Does it have to be a set that's already been produced? Or can it be one of the ones that was being voted on when PMK temporarily closed? I would put up Quartz as a setnto vote on if possible.
Don't vote Granite or Galaxy. They already have drops to request.