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Now Available!

Thanks to TokyoRock for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Danger Zone SA Keycap Set available.

KunalDrop Buyer

Danger Zone SA Keycap Set

Danger Zone SA Keycap Set

So, based on the poll numbers, Danger Zone was 9th... Why was it chosen for production over the others?
I'm as clueless as you. ._.
But at least we got Carbon, huh? :D
So, this Poll is a prime example of how meaningless these polls actually can be. For starters, designers have the final word on their sets. Take PuLSE for example, the designer has stated repeatedly that it will never run again. Penumbra will only ever be run through [CTRL]ALT, etc. So for this to be a "definitive" poll, a lot of research would have to go into contacting all of the designers first to get permission to possibly run the set, then contacting SP to make sure they had openings for certain profiles/sets and only then including the sets that fit the bill at that particular time.
I like DSA better than SA, so I want anyone to plan Symbiosis DSA or PENUMBRA DSA.
Ok but where's the Granite option
Please vote for Carbon Child Deals here:
I am thinking of making a new carbon only poll presenting all the child deals. So people can see for that they are voting. Current picture is outdated. What do you guys think of it? I will also write about it on reddit.
Here is the link for GeekHack to Carbon thread: There is also a list of approximated prices. Keep in mind i have zero influence on pricing.
For the record, I don't think SP can do any of these sets in PBT. Dyesubbing requires that the legends be darker than the key itself, which none of these sets match. SP has trouble doing PBT double shot caps: I don't think there's ever been a SP PBT doubleshot set done.
I've adjusted the title accordingly.
Sweet! Voted.
If you care for Carbon i am willing to run it here on Massdrop. I am the designer of Carbon. I do not vote here. You shall decide, not me.
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Since you are here, will there be an orange ISO kit option to match the orange alphas?
Unfortenately not as this or beige color might not be tipping. I am glad i can atleast provide something for ISO users. There are just to many iso layouts.
DSA Retro is single run only, don't vote for it because it won't happen.
"I said I won't run SA Round 2 (or DSA Round 2) and I stick to that."
I've suggested three of my favorite keycap sets (one of which has never been produced) that seem to be overlooked in these polls in favor of the Granite or Galaxy keycap sets.