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How have so few people seen that the 380T is on this list? Bringing the best mITX case with a handle back from the dead would be a grand achievement.
dont understand why people are voting for the h440, outdated case.
Phanteks Enthoo Pro is most likely what I'll be building with when I get my parts gathered. But before that I was considering getting the Corsair 750D airflow edition. I'd think someone should consider that instead of the regular 750D if they're not going the water cooling route, since the front panel that you can get seperately for the 750D helps airflow while the default flat panel for the front of the 750D restricts airflow.
I am really interested in buying a NZXT-H440 and I hope that massdrop would please contact NZXT
How is the phantek pro m acrylic not on here! If you like the Pro M the acrylic it amazing and at a sub 100$ price
How about the Pro M Tempered Glass ?
Red NZXT please.
The H440 is not a good buy imo. I would trade mine for a define R5 or something of the like if I had the chance.
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Yes! I run an instagram account where people can submit builds and I see so many god damn H440s and S340s I feel actual rage every time I see one. I'm not one to get offended but I can't help but be offended by this poll. You have no idea the truama these cases have caused me.
The s340 is a breeze to do a clean build in and is nice for the price thats why.
I have an M1 already, love it. Skylake i7 6700k oc to 4.9ghz 240mm AIO water cooler and a 980ti all the height of a beer bottle. Would grab another for my next build.
Part list:
I like my Corsair 900D, although it is not the best case in terms of Beauty, or as easy to work in as the Phanteks Evolv ATX is. That case is near perfect. The best looking one out of the options here though is the PC-08 from lian li in my opinion.
The lian li pc-q19 is one of if not the best mITX cases that can support a GPU. Please vote for it
I currently own the h440 nzxt, and it's a great computer case. It has great room for a full size motherboard with a hidden compartments for power supply, water cooling, and cord management. It has a plenty off HHD or SSD slots with built in lights to light up the motherboard and the bottom backlight nzxt logo at the bottom of the case, comes with 4 built in cooling fans I believe and everything built into the computer is already bundled and wired together just connect one cord to your power block. It does not come with or have room for a disk reader/ has easy to use thumb screws to take off the panels and has already built in motherboard mounts, it has enough room for 3 gpu, and a wifi card adapter.
Add the cooler master pro case 5 and it would be awesome what say??
Not going to lie, the enthoo evolv gets my vote because I love the design, it's different while maintaining a minimal elegance in simplicity look. I have NEVER been a fan of the cases that try to look 'flashy' adding led's & lots of clashing colors puts me off instantly. I WOULD vote for the CaseLabs SMA8. Because who doesn't want to use a case that Maximum PC built their latest dream machine in? (Even if the article was WAY overpunny). But I do not have the dedication to spend that much on a case.
NCASE M1 is a case that rarely sees discounts, it would be awesome to get one on it.
This poll is pretty old and there's a similar one that reached about 400 votes and no drop. I think it's safe to say we aren't going to see the drop, least from I can see.
You guys do know Caselabs is in a category above no other !!! Rest is just entry level so please more votes........Ferrari of all cases, pics here dont do justice
Corsair 750D for me.
Please Phanteks enthoo pro
enthoo pro would be amazing, although it's already at a decent price
Meh, I have a $400 CaseLabs... All of these are garbage.
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While I certainly agree that caselabs makes the most high quality cases in the PC market, that does not mean others cases are "garbage". Don't hate other cases, not everyone can afford 400$ for a case, some barely can afford 400$ pc.
Meh. I know not everyone can, but that isn't my fault :) Work hard, earn money, buy case, ???, profit.
@taiottavios Agree, while the H440 isn't bad, there are certainly more appealing options for enthusiasts and newcomers alike.
@TheSilentZephyr I do agree, H440 is not that expensive, I would advise u guys to choose something more expensive.
please stop voting that H440 pile of crap!
Care to elaborate? I thought the H440 was pretty decent