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Jun 10, 2015
Hi. I like Franklin-Christoff, have 3 of their fountain pens and a few cases. The lead in this poll is the one thing I have that is terrible! The Franklin-Christoff lucky 13 I also have the 20 pen zippered one--I love it! The lucky 13, With photos to confirm: 1 The closure is a magnetic snap so weak, if I'm carrying one in my arms and reach down to pick up a brief case it opens and the pens fall out unless you have them clipped in and I don't like doing that--not even a full on upside down position. a photo won't confirm this so none attached 2. Too much space between the outside wall of the case and the loops that hold the pens. It is like they expect us to also carry paper or something between the outer wall and the tubes that hold the pens. It is a useless size for paper and I didn't want it for that anyway. Plus anything stored there would all fall out all the time anyway. 3. When the snap is lined up--the case doesn't lie evenly. 4. The rounded edge at the bottom has too much of a gap between the side wall and bottom. Looks bad and invites dust and grime.
I'm not sure if it is design flaw or quality control. The leather is nice, the stitching is straight with consistent tension.
Important to note that I didn't give Franklin-Christoff a chance to make good on this. I meant to, but it took me a while to realize it really was the case at fault and not me. After that I kept nudging it down on my to-do list until I eventually felt it was too long to be a reasonable request.
I don't think I should have been the one to discover the flaws and be put in the position of having to return it, but I am culpable in not even giving the company a chance to make me a happy customer.

All other transactions I've had with them have been great! [img:Lucky_13
Jun 10, 2015
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