Quick question: How has this been here for FOUR YEARS and yet the " WiFi Pineapple Mark V Standard " has 92 votes, and the " USB Rubber Ducky Deluxe" has 348 voted, but neither have been made a Massdrop nor removed?
Could you add LAN turtle pls?
I wish the mark v was the tetra. I like the band options
can someone explain to me in layman terms what these are?
Well, they are tools used to test the security of computer networks and devices. The wifi pineapple is mostly used for wireless network security such as spoofing networks, rebroadcating connections, redirect traffic, act as a honeypot...etc. The rubber ducky acts as a keyboard that will input key presses that you have preloaded onto it when it is inserted into a computer/device. This allows you to input long and complex scripts on the target device almost instantly. The possible applications of these devices really up to you. The overall idea is to learn possible vulnerabilities on your systems so you can better defend yourself against malicious attackers. Also the great american challenge is an enormous dildo.
Just how serious that paragraph was leading into the last sentence xD. but seriously- we could really use these tools. The rubber ducky is a great tool- not just for testing vulnerabilities, but for a bit of automation. A basic example being to have a script to back everything for your choice up to the usb when plugged in or anything that you have to repeat many times like for instance- auto setup of windows if you didn't have system images.
Its one of those products that has so many possibilities that you can't even begin to imagine. I know a buddy of mine used one at his college. When he handed out the a pdf version of their textbook it also changed windows default sounds so their computers moan when they put in usb devices. Silly things
I would love to see a couple items from the place that sells the ducky if massdrop is able to work out a bulk deal with them.
The Rubber Ducky USB, the wifi pineapple and some of the cables such as the Micro USB to Micro USB OTG Cable would be my top picks.
Me too! The seller already lists a discount on the product page if you buy multiple rubber duckies, so I am hopeful we can get a very good discount on them.
I really want this drop.