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Now Available!

Thanks to clayton for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Music Hall PA1.2 Phono Amplifier available.

DannyDrop Buyer

Music Hall PA1.2 Phono Amplifier

Music Hall PA1.2 Phono Amplifier

Have you tried the Graham Slee Graham Amp 2 SE ?
This is supposed to be the best under $500, would love one of these. Made in the UK.
This poll is difficult IMO because the pricing is all over the place. Can we decide on a range? I assume given the progress so far < $250 is a good range for everybody?
That Bellari is truly horrendous. I had nothing but trouble with mine. Noisy, erratic volume, and abysmal sound. It has no place in a system that values accuracy.
I have the Bellari VP530 and ya it is noisy like a mofo... but the sound is truly awesome, other than the ridiculous hum.
I'm not a huge fan of the Bellari unit. But I have and really like the emotiva one.
I was passing through the Audiophile (a word which sends shivers down my spine) section here and a couple of units in the poll caught my attention. 1) IIRC, the Bellari unit has (or had) a noise (hum) issue from its switching power supply. 2) The Maverick unit is not a phono stage. It's a DAC.
Perhaps Rolls has fixed the noise problem with the Bellari unit by now as it would not require a redesign of the unit, only a different wall-wart. I don't know. I'm not participating in the poll or purchase, only passing along some info.
I have the bellari vp530 (same other than has usb port too) and it has the hum issue. Replaced power supply with a Radioshack unit. Still noisy with new power supply, not the best...