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Now Available!

Thanks to MichaelKakish for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Pilot Fermo Twist Action VP Fountain Pen available.

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Pilot Fermo Twist Action VP Fountain Pen

Pilot Fermo Twist Action VP Fountain Pen
Vote for some nice Monteverde fountain pens =D
The Pilot Custom 823 has a plunger-style filling mechanism. Although I wish it came in a different color, it is a unique pen that doesn't go on sale very often.
Hi everyone -- Here's a quick update on the poll, which will remain open for voting right now.
We've been able to offer a number of Pilot Namiki models that we can't bring back right now, but will keep working to bring back in the future. Voting for these options has been disabled, so please click 'Request' on these drop pages if you'd like to see them listed again: Falcon: Stargazer: Vanishing Point:
Thanks to @kakish for starting the poll and everyone for making the past drops successful. Please continue to vote so we can try to bring more Pilot Namiki products to the Massdrop community in the future!
I love the custom 74 in medium, just like Brian Goulet
Hey @kakish and everyone who participated. Thanks for voting, we've closed the poll for now.
We dropped the Falcon, Vanishing Point, and Stargazer awhile back, but Pilot isn't interested in making Namiki products available on Massdrop right now. We hope the situation will change, but we don't want any more members to vote for something that we don't see being possible in the immediate future.
We'll definitely keep working on it, and let everyone here know if the situation changes.