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Now Available!

Thanks to andy for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Pilot Fermo Twist Action VP Fountain Pen available.

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Pilot Fermo Twist Action VP Fountain Pen

Pilot Fermo Twist Action VP Fountain Pen

Life is too short for blue ink. I'm hoping for one isn't blue, and especially not Kon-Peki.
Very excited to get another bottle of this ink, I have Tsuki-yo and it has been fantastic to use.
Is this drop coming ?
Apparently not. Massdrop buyer "Will" fulfilled this 400+ vote for iroshizuku ink with a drop for a pen.
Hey @conib @pengsnail @smitty1110 @aj-kun and everyone else who's are we.
We're still trying to make Namiki products like this ink available again, but it's not possible now.
Thanks for your patience and continued interest, we'll keep working to make Iroshizuku available.
I need Kon-Peki so it was my #1, but if they can get others I'll be buying multiple. I really want Chiku-rin, Yama-budo, and Ku-jaku too.
Yama - Budo looks incredible. I have some and definitely recommend that.
I would like to see all 24 colors offered, with the price coming in under $20 each.
Non Kon-Peki also. The grey or soft cool brown would be lovely. The reds would be fab too.
I'll echo the Non Kon-peki sentiment. I'm so bloody tired of that color it's not even funny. I'm rather disappointed that the current top three are Kon-peki, another blue, and a black. Really people? All those gorgeous colors, and you pick two blues and a black (relatively unremarkable ones, at that). I won't be putting in an order if those are the ones in it. If I wanted colors I could get in a rollerball pen, I'd use a bloody rollerball.
Fuyu syogun ( soft gray) is stunningly elegant, especially for wedding invitations, and murasaki shikibu ( lovely purple) is such classy elegance. BOth are my favorites !
I've got a bottle of Fuyu-Shogun, I really dig it. Hopefully we can get a larger order together this time.
I really hope that its possible to do a drop with a non kon-peki ink because I'm seriously sick of that ink getting all the press when there are so many more interesting and amazing colours in the Iroshizuku like Shin-kai and Murasaki-shikibu!
I'm pretty sure they won't do a drop with only 1 colour in it, I would be surprised if you couldn't choose from all of them. I think I'll be going for the orange, myself.