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Please release this drop!
Any news about this?
Should be time to actually release this drop...
Hey guys come on, when the fuck are you gonna release this drop?
Ni som är svenskar så finns tangentbordet här köpte mitt här för de var så sega på releasen.
Inget med clears och pbt caps dock..
I would love an pok3er ISO Nordic! That is my end-game!
Is this gonna happen sometime?
This is never happpening it seems.
Seems like massdrop doesn't care about the European market. :/
Would love this drop!
Damn, why is nordic layout so popular? AND you guys like clear switches... looks like I'll have to get this and buy a DE cap set.
isnt there any option for blue switches?
Still waiting... :P
What's the status of this poll?
still waiting :)
Still waiting:
Got tired of waiting and ordered one from Corus-Kb. Love it!
Cool, what switch did you pick?
Pleeeeease add some nordic layout keyboards soon!
I wonder if massdrop have started the conversation with the vendor yet? How long time does it usually take?
Here's hoping it won't take too much longer.
Same same...
How long time does it usually take for a drop after the voting has been done? (First time buyer)
Great question!
.. I have no idea.
Will this be shipped from european warehouse?
Why not offer to choose the switches on checkout? My idea is to get votes for blank pbt keycaps, So ppl all over the iso world can use them.
That's a really good idea.
That would be ideal, but if we only get to choose one switch I'd rather have the clears.
Looking forward to get my hands on a Poker3 with clear switches!
In case anyone wants to see how the Pok3r looks with a nordic layout (in the provided picture it's using a DE layout), here's a picture
All credit to
Sexy! ;P
In the picture it looks like the keyboard has a ISO-DE layout, but the keyboard would be in a nordic layout, right?
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Would definitely make sense :) Just making sure.
I find the pictures very irritating here. It its a nordic layout don't put a german picture
Here is a nice review of the keyboard:
GO Clears!! :) Really want that keyboard
Yea, me too! Spread the information about this poll so that we reach 200 votes. :)
No you don't have to commit that far, so vote! :) You better vote on the clears. ;)
If I vote do I have to shop?
I like the fact that the clears have a more tactile feel to them, they doesn't feel as "mushy" as browns. Tactile like blues but still silent enough so that I can use the keyboard in the office.