Dec 19, 2014
Hey guys, i'm kind of looking for the same thing but i do have some specific request that maybe some of these devices fulfill i think, give me an oppinion.
- I want something portable, that means in size and battery! So i can use it with other mp3 players on the go. - something thats primarily a Amp, but if possible also a DAC - able to be used while charging, if i'm on a trip i want to use it even if its charging, or even use on the pc with dedicated power (USB probably). - i know a couple of these also work on Android through USB, that would be awesome too - finally not stupidly expensive for what it is, so less than 150$ i would hope.
Dec 19, 2014
Dec 22, 2014
What you want exists but hard to find many that is under $150. To get all of the features you wanted you be looking to spend at lest $250 for something decent. Mostly because many of them are overpriced, or low production scale and has to be over priced... Look into the brand Fiio it is somewhat unanimous they make good value products. Or if you are feeling bonkers and want to blow your budget by 200% look up "O2+ODAC+Battery" both Mayflower Electronics and JDS Labs makes them.
Dec 22, 2014
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