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Now Available!

Thanks to DaAsianBeasy for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Clear Practice Lock available.

LukasDrop Buyer

Clear Practice Lock

Clear Practice Lock

We're still working on the Ultimate Challenge since it's clearly the winner here, but the process can take awhile sometimes. In the mean time Southord has decided we're alright so we'll work on getting some better practice locks up until the Ultimate Challenge.
I'm going to go ahead and leave the poll closed for now, but it's not gone and I'll update everyone if we get the Ultimate. Thanks everyone for coming out to vote!
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Any news? Those southord lockpicks are always dropped, and coincidentally so are the southord clear practice locks. Hopefully you have some good news for us, since it seems like only southord seems to be getting any love around here...
Hey sorry, thought I responded to this. We've reached out to a couple people, but haven't heard anything back yet. Not sure if they want to keep it exclusive or if something else, but in the mean time I'm going to see if we can't reach out for the Super Max 7 Pin as well.
im' all over the cutaway if its priced properly this time around.
I only want the ultimate challange, although if gets low enough, I will buy the cutaway
Cutaway was $35 plus shipping last time, overpriced IMO. That's why massdrop hopefully finally drops the ultimate challenge.
In for ultimate challenge!
Howdy folks, we can definitely get you the cutaway lock again, but we're still trying to get you the Ultimate Challenge. For those of you who have grayed out their lock picking skill on the cutaway.
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Any updates on the ultimate challenge? I see that the clear lock dropped again, but it's still overpriced
So is the ultimate challenge completely impossible?
200! Awesome work guys, hopefully we get an update soon. I believe this is the only lockpicking lock related drop out there, so hopefully we get a response =)
Created new poll after the other was closed but top result was not chosen. Hopefully the Ultimate Practice Kit can be dropped this time!
The Ultimate Challenge and Ultimate Practice lock kits were the only ones I actually wanted to success from the last vote too. Hopefully they can work something out.