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Now Available!

Thanks to Baggingspam for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Sennheiser Urbanite XL Headphone available.

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Sennheiser Urbanite XL Headphone

Sennheiser Urbanite XL Headphone

Ewww who the heck voted for beats. There's a lot of beetterr choices at that price
DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT pick the sennheiser momentums I got them they feel great and are super comfortable but the sound quality for the price is shit. They have absolutely no bass. They are great headphones for $150 not $350.
Most audiophile type headphones aren't bassy. Mess with the equaliequalizer on whatever you areare using to raise the bass
Some of you guys have funny ideas about what street headphones are.
I can't comprehend the silliness (or what I consider stupidity) of someone recommending for, or voting for, Beats branded headphones.....
Nicholsonr, Up until a month ago, I would have agreed with you whole heartedly. Beats have been the biggest overblown junk on the market. They break easy and produce garbage for sound. Let's amp up the bass and hire celebs to endorse them... But... rumor has it that true audiophiles opinions got back to Beats and they actually listened. I vowed to never own a pair. Yes they look good.. but seriously? Is that why we wear headphones? C'mon! I was a die hard hater... Committed to never owning a pair... until favourable reviews started coming out about better sound dynamics and then I heard a pair for myself and was not so disappointed. I'm not saying I'm converted yet but...
I've tested all the beats, the best ones sounded okay/good. Compared to their competitors in the pricerange they sounded like rubbish.
The neutral/warm NAD HP50... I hit the roof when I saw someone actually recommended them.
Two thumbs and big toes up!
Why not pick the normal urbanites over the XL? Certainly seems like it would be better for street wear/use.
I think k it's because on ear headphones feel uncomfortable for people as it kind of squished the ear.
Beats? WTH!?
Guys go vote here please
All audio is subjective. There are ways of testing digital quality/integrity, but if a set of headphones tests out perfect in a controlled environment with controlled variables, but sounds lousy to you, then you wasted your time & money. If the lousiest piece of junk ever placed on the market sounds like gold to you, that`s all that matters. It takes a discerning ear to tell the difference in quality and sound reproduction, and those capable of telling the difference still have opposing opinions.
The Bose QC25's are by far the best headphones I've ever tried on, most comfortable and best sound quality!
vote for PM-3! Its better than Sennheiser Urbanite XL
I think the Philips Fidelio X2's are the best choice for the average price point outlined here. +More. Just Google.
Has anyone tried the Oppo PM-3? They look really nice and the isolation is a nice balance for street use. Quite a few say they prefer the PM-3s over the PM-1s even, as they had a chance to correct any weaknesses from the previous model. Only this one is much cheaper and goes pretty loud as the impedance is not that high!
The first time I tried them, I used my audio test CD. During some parts it made me turn my head briefly because I thought the sound was coming from somewhere around me. It's the first headphones that made me do that. I'll have to compare with some other cans I have, but the spatiality is phenomenal on these Oppo PM-3s.
Get the best headphones you can. Compared to speakers, these are great audio value. Plan to spend at least $300 if you expect to have a great audio experience. Don't waste your money on low-quality audio. "Buy good and buy once."
Please consider voting for the HD 600s.... they truly are special and many that are getting into the audiophile world would die to have them.
+1 Ghastly
Sennheiser HD598 seems like a weird choice for "street" headphones.
most of these cans can not be call premium how the hell did beats get on there
I would love to see the Shure SRH1540 at a good price discount! I also think the Meelectronics promises to be a good deal, and it is already at a reasonable price.
Hipster central?
m50 !!!!!!!!!!!!
because M50s are amazing! BRO
I've got a pair, had them a couple years. My Senn Momentums blow them out of the water.
There are so many better options than the M50s...why do they appear in every poll for over ear cans?!
Because that is a well-known can that everyone think its the best. Tried it before and its not for everyone, especially people with small head or with more of a pointy head.
Why the heck would you use open headphones in public?