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Now Available!

Thanks to Mark for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the EQ7 Quilting Software available.

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EQ7 Quilting Software

EQ7 Quilting Software

I would like to see a Mac version of Electric Quilt 7.
I still see it only as a vote. Does that mean the limited number that came available have sold out?
Hi @LeslieG, It's now active with no limits. Here's the link to the page.
Hi everyone! We've secured a very limited number of units of the EQ7 software for both PC and MAC and will be going live on Monday, 7/13 at 6AM PST.
Seeing EQ not willing to sell to Massdrop, I changed muy vote to Quilt Pro. Maybe that drop will happen.
I have wanted the software for quite awhile. Would love to get it at a better price. Sorry Electric Quilt but it is still out of range for most of us.
I heard back directly from EQ. Their response when asked if they were considering offering this to Massdrop was NO. They support the local quilt shop retailers and online retailers, so to offer this would undermine those retailers substantially. They do not have any plans to offer EQ through Massdrop. I guess I will see if I can find a better deal somewhere else. So disappointed as I was hoping for this for my Mother's Day gift.
We have reached out to Electric Quilt company again but they are still unwilling to work with the group. Same reasons apply as Mark posted about previously. We will continue to reach out to them on a regular basis in hopes they will change their mind. As of 3/26, there are 495 votes for this product. Please keep voting and sharing this so we can continue to let them know how much interest there is!
I have been interested in EQ7, but need the Mac version
Would love to see this offered.
SarahR - any updates????
Please include the mac version
Hi Everyone- I've reached out to Electric Quilt again and we are discussing opening an account. I will keep you updated on our progress.
We have reached out to electric quilt company but unfortunately at this time they are unwilling to work with the group. They prefer to sell the software solely through LQS'. We will keep talking to them and extolling the virtues of Massdrop to them and hopefully we can change their minds in the future. We'll leave the poll open because showing them the huge (and growing) interest in their software is always helpful :)
How shortsighted of them. I've read that the current Mac version is very buggy - so it's probably for the best.
i see that the votes on this reached the 200 mark. is the drop going to happen?
I'm new to Massdrop, so apologies if this is a silly question. If this vote is successful I'm just seeing if you have the choice of purchasing the download version of EQ7. Or is it the boxed version only. Thanks.
Please include the Mac version in this sale...I have been wanting to use this product, but until this year no Mac product was available.
Is the Mac version of EQ7 included? Or would that need to be a separate item to vote on?