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Yea the samurai s710bk or bkb be an excellent choice for black denim is upvote it
When are these drops ever going to happen?
How about some raw black denim?
Black Imperial dukes,or Samurai 710BK with hidden arcs.
Hey guys, we have a raw denim drop for Red Cotton Denim. This denim is exclusive to Massdrop so be sure to check it out here:
Hook me up with some heavy weight jap denim ASAP, winter is pretty much here.
Hey denimheads,
I'm Ian, the new men's fashion buyer here at Massdrop. I've been involved with the clothing industry for a few years now and I'm looking forward to bringing you all some great new products. Raw denim is definitely in my crosshairs and I'm hoping that with your help I can forge relationships with some new vendors. In the past, working out drops with some of the big Japanese brands has been tough - we've reached out to Samurai, PBJ, and others, but it's been very difficult to get them on board. I'm hoping to start with some popular American brands (and if that goes well, reaching back out to our Japanese friends). I started a poll highlighting some of my personal favorites, but I'd love to get your input as well. I've found that polls generally work better if they're a bit more specific, so hopefully this is a good place to start.
Let me know what you think of this strategy. I want to make sure that we're bringing you guys the best of the best, and the more input I have from you the better!
It's been a long time since we've had a denim drop!
Hi everyone! I just add an option:Momotaro 0702 jeans. Hope you guys like it and vote it!
C'mon let's make it!
How about doing the Samurais? or the momotaros or PBJ? instead of these smaller domestic companies with zipper flies and/or leather belt loops???
Hey Everyone!
Just launched RCD Black Selvedge from the poll.
Check them out:
RCD has a great story. If you would like to read about it please go to the link below.
Happy Buying!
Hey Everyone!
I am still working on getting some awesome raw denim companies on the site.
Please let me know if there are any other companies you all would be interested in that I can reach out to.
You can also send me fits and styles and I will try to get them for you!
Thank you all for voting and I will continue to update here. :)
Hey Everyone,
I just launched a great jean from Old Blue Co. Weighing in at 21 oz. :)
Check them out:
There are only 40 pairs available for this first run so please jump on fast.
Happy Buying!
Hey Everyone!
I thought you all may love these deep indigo jeans from United Stock Dry Goods!
Check them out!
Hey Everyone,
Just launched Sugar Cane Jeans!
Check them out:
Hey Everyone,
Traveller Denim has agreed to do a custom selvedge jean drop just for Massdrop!
They are going to offer each member slim, straight or skinny fit during the drop, but wanted to allow the members to vote on which material will be used.
This is extremely special and will be a one of a kind jean. :)
Please vote here for your favorite option:
Whichever one wins will be the custom jean for Massdrop!
Hey Everyone!
Brought you something different this week. :)
13.5 oz
Nihon Menpu Denim
Check them out:
We have a limited supply so try to buy them soon!
Hi All!
Yet another awesome raw denim vendor out of Los Angeles, CA is up on Massdrop and really excited to work with the group.
Asbury denim is offering their favorite fit the 1877 at an awesome price!
Details of the jeans:
14 oz raw denim from White Oak Cone Mills Selvedge seams - double stitched Button fly closure Oxidized tint hardware Hand burnished leather patch Made in the USA
Check them out!
Hi All,
I am working really hard to bring you the best possible jeans and just launched Noble Denim based in Cincinnati, Ohio!
- Raw Selvedge Denim - 2 fits: Slim Fit and Relaxed Fit - 100% Cone Mills White Oak Cotton from North Carolina - Ohio Leather Patch - 100% Organic Cotton from Oregon for pockets
Here is more information on them and their story:
I hope you love them because we definitely do!
Hey Everyone!
Just launched Koben Raw Denim Silk Lined Jeans from one of the raw denim polls!
This is a great opportunity to buy silk lined raw denim.
This fit is brand new and exclusive to Massdrop. Get them while you can. :)
Hi All!
Just launched the requested Momotaro jeans from this drop in deep indigo at an amazing price.
Hope you love them!
I think it's fair to say that raw denim drops are far more likely to be successful if we at least start with more reasonably priced albeit "entry-level" brands. Unbranded, United Stock, Taylor Stitch, et cetera.
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i agree :)
No, it would be nice to have more affordable raw denims.
Hey All!
Just got these posted for you today:
More to come! :)
I would love it if we could get some Indigo/Indigo or Indigo/black denim, too bad 3sixteen and N&F said no as they both make some. Japan Blue JB0202 would be amazing! Maybe Japan Blue would do another drop!
Definitely! I will reach out to them to get this going for you!
I just launched these:
I think you will like them!
I'm with Peter. Please let the Samurai jeans win. :-)
I think they've garnered enough attention to get a drop. The hard part is sourcing them.
Danielle's working on all of them, but the new poll is for raw denim that we can create a drop for right now (the vendor's have already agreed to work with the group!) Voting there will likely determine the next drop, and in the meantime we'll try to get Samurai et al on board :)
Hey All!
Thank you so much for voting in this poll. I am still working really hard to get these brands and styles on Massdrop. Please continue to vote and add brands here.
So far I have received a no from 3sixteen and Naked and Famous, but the rest of the brands are still in conversation.
I have also had the opportunity to dive deeper into other companies with amazing selvedge jeans that would love the opportunity to showcase to you. I have started a new poll with some other styles and companies. I would love for you guys to vote on which ones you would like to see on Massdrop first.
Here is the poll:
Feel free to add other styles by the same companies or any new companies you may want. We want the raw denim jean drops to be exactly what you want and all about you guys. Any and all feedback is appreciated.
How long till we know the winner
I'm pretty sure at this point they will at least give everything in the top 3 a shot.
please please let the samurai or pbj happen
I own a pair of Pure Blue, and they are *very* nice. Super long, super good fit, thick, textureful denim and an awesome indigo. It fades easily and gets comfortable quick. Would definitely recommend for this.
Really like this idea and quite surprised that this hadn't happened sooner.
Would really like to be able to afford a pair of Japanese premium jeans without having to pay over $300+.
I think this poll might be infinitely more useful if I could figure out how to tag it as "fashion"
Done. I'm going to leave the poll "active" because we're happily open to other raw denim suggestions.
Thanks Mark, I linked the drop on /r/rawdenim, hopefully we can get some more people from the community aware/ interested.