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Now Available!

Thanks to JonasHeineman for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Retro 1951 Tornado Fountain Pen - Custom Edition available.

JonasDrop Buyer

Retro 1951 Tornado Fountain Pen - Custom Edition

Retro 1951 Tornado Fountain Pen - Custom Edition

who provides support. mine will not fill with ink
Any chance some of the other leading choices might appear on here?
Where the hell is this pen?
Hey everyone,
For anyone who's interested but not following the drop page, a friendly reminder that the drop ends tonight at midnight.
With support from Retro 1951, Massdrop is stepping up to ensure the production run will happen. Thanks to everyone who voted and participated so far to make this possible!
any idea on the nib size? and how, for example the fine or medium compare say to a Sailor 1911 fine????? would love to buy the whole set -- at price better than the 54.00 somewhere else.
Can you post more pictures of the winning aesthetic? I wish it was one of the solid colored ones. What is the price point?
I wish one of the solid options won as well. The herringbone is the least attractive of the options we had.
I agree.
It would be nice if the stealth has a black nib option to really complete the Stealth name
Also, you mentioned that the new models are each made of a different metal? Is the brass really brass? The pewter really pewter?
I've had a copper Retro 51 Tornado for over a year and it's one of the most sturdy (and certainly one of the most unique and attractive) modern pens in my collection. The Pewter model looks awesome!
Hey everyone - WOW! Just wanted to say that Retro 1951, and everyone, are quite impressed.
We're glad to see there's a lot of interest and will be watching closely as the voting continues.
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We're in discussions with the vendor and you can expect an update early next week, @nickjagg14 .
Thank you!
It'd be nice if a matching mechanical pencil would be an option but I'm guessing that would be tricky when they're custom made (especially since you wouldn't know how many people would add one). I suspect some people would be interested in a matching ballpoint.
Hi @Aramchek -- That's an interesting idea; we probably will not be able to do a custom run of another style, but we can ask about offering existing models that match the winning finish.
Would love to see Retro 51 bring out a Vintage Surf edition fountain pen.
Voted. Would love to see some of their other pens on here as well, fountain pen and other wise.
These are the EXT size so they can accept a converter correct?
Yes, that is correct - these will all accept a converter.
Price of course!
And a tenth of the pace Jonathan!
I would love to see a photo of all of them next to each other. Is this available somewhere?
That's a great idea, we can do that in Drops now but not in Polls - so here it is:
April 31st......surely you mean April 30!
Important update: All votes on April 31st will count double. :)
Anyone know how much these will cost? EDIT: Saw the comment up above, nevermind!
The stealth black needs a black toned nib!
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That's an interesting idea @artvader and @markeh, we'll ask if it's possible and let you know.
Hey @markeh and @artvader,
We've asked if this is possible and Retro 1951 is checking with Schmidt. Updates to follow...
This is like a dream come true! I have the Lincoln FP, and the Roosevelt rollerball and have been wishing for a Retro 51 Roosevelt fp. Thank you, Jonas!
Hey @SusanO -- You're very welcome, but all thanks goes to Retro 1951 and members like you!
They look nice, but if I don't know approximately how much they are going to end up costing I'm not really interested in voting. There's no pricing info on the product page.
Hey @DavidJohnson -- MSRP for a metal-body Tornado is approximately $55, however...
We don't know the size of the final production run, and these designs are all made of different metals that go through slightly different production processes, so that's the best I can do for now. Once the votes are tallied, we'll be able to give more definite pricing. Hope that helps!
I'd definitely buy the stonewashed pewter on the spot. Just saying. Make it that one. cough.