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Where is it?
Gonna need one once VR gets here
Any word in this? Seems there are quite a few buyers ready.
Would love an update - really want to get an x55...
Any word on this one?
Also waiting...
Hey everyone, things are still a little slow moving with the holidays and conventions going on in January, but we’re still working on reaching out to Saitek and getting the item from this poll up on the site. Thanks for your patience and coming out to vote. Cheers
THat might be hard since MadCatz owns saitek and is responsible for the distribution in the US.
Didn't realize how old this massdrop was. Any new news? Having the opportunity to purchase one of these at a decent discount would certainly push many in the Star Citizen community to buy, including myself. Haven't pulled the trigger yet because of the reported QA issues but would be willing to overlook that if the price is right.
I'm also curious if there is any update on this. Would love to get an X-55 set pretty soon.
So what's the current story? It's been months since the last update.
I couldn't wait any longer. Bought one off Amazon on Tuesday (10/28), got it Thursday (10/30). Done. I now have two Warthog's and an the X-55 for lighter stuff...
From various stores, it seems that the X-55 won't be available for another couple of months.
This is a product that was launched in November. Its becoming obvious Saitek don't want to sell this thing to anyone, so I hope in the mean time you have waited, you've saved up enough for TM Warthog.
From my research, it looks like they might be struggling to nail down some quality control issues at their factory. They are still working out the bugs with this product and I think it has had an impact on the supply chain. Hopefully they'll get everything ironed out by the holidays... :P
I totally read your reply in Data's voice haha :)
looking like June now according to the Saitek site :S
Any news??
Hey Guys,
What you hear is what I hear as well, looks like they are pushing it back:
Again, even if this thing does start shipping, we will most likely not have access to it. We are a new account and they are not going to give us their newly launched product unless they see some kind of benefit that they can't get from their currently established sales channels.
That being said, we just launched the Saitek X52 PRO Flight Control System for PC on Massdrop, even if you are not interested in it, your friends might be: If we can prove to Saitek that we can move product, we will have a better shot at sourcing the X55.
We are in 2nd week of April we have over 400 votes. Come on saitek !!
tell me about it! :) going by other stores, they have all delayed the shipping date to first week of May :S so not long now !
The official public sale date is in about two and a half weeks
Hi Guys,
Quick update, we are official sellers of MadCatz products, however, we are not allowed to sell the X-55 since it's such a new product. I'll see what I can do to speed up the process and be able to sell the X-55. In the meantime, if there any other Saitek products currently on the market you want to see a drop, create a poll and share it in this discussion page as well as the forums.
Thanks again for your participation, stay tuned.
Wonder how long it will take to get the X-55 (:
Thanks for your interest. It's entirely up to Saitek, we can't buy from them until they give us the green light, so far their are limiting distribution to a shortlist of resellers. We're not on that list, and they didn't give us a time when we can start selling it to you guys. I'll check back around launch time (End of March).
Well they had better hurry up as they are already shipping them. If its not in a timely manner most will order direct, I will.
thats only for pre-orders though, general sale to the public will come later
Update: Got off the phone with Mad Catz (parent company of Saitek) and said that after pre-orders have been shipped, they will start selling to the public at the end of March.
That being said, we applied to be resellers for Mad Catz and hopefully we can work on something in the near future. I'll update as I know more.
Awesome! Thanks Andy :)
Hi Guys,
Thanks for creating and participating in this poll. I researched the product and noticed they are currently taking pre-orders on their website: Is that the right model? If so, it might be tough, since:
1. It says: LIMITED QUANTITIES - Shipping April 3, 2014. So realistically this won't be happening anytime soon.
2. They will most likely fill the pre-orders first before shipping anything to us, so that will add more time
It would be really cool if we could help launch the product (we've done it before), but realistically, they probably already have their marketing plan for launch already figured out.
Nevertheless, I'll give them a call tomorrow and see what information I can learn and share it with the community. '
Thanks again for creating this poll and voting on Massdrop. Wish me luck!
Edit: I'm reading some of the comments on the forums from and I'm not sure where people got the idea that the community can get a 42% discount. It's completely up to the manufacturer to decide how much they want to discount the product. That being said, I'm not sure what the margins are on Joysticks, but I imagine they aren't that big.
Thanks andy, looking forward to hearing what Saitek tells you.
ready to purchase! lets do this!
Massdrop said they were talking to Saitek, to find out whether they'd be able to do a discounted bulk purchase. I think we are waiting for Massdrop to hear back from Saitek. Once that happens, they'll either start taking orders for the X-55s, or cancel the listing if Saitek won't do a discounted bulk sale
So how does this work?
When does this go from voting to buying?
How long will the voting go on?
Hello Vote !!!
voted, I don't have a hotas maybe now I'll get one.
Didn't get in on the X65F but would love to get this one. TC
Looks promising!