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Hello Everyone! We've been in contact with Schiit and they're not interested in working with the group at this time. That said, we find direct requests can help companies understand the value of our polls. The best way to make your request is via the company's facebook or twitter page. <br /><br />We'll keep trying but Schiit remains disinterested for now.
Jason Stoddard from Schiit has been pretty clear on the no discount policy. You can read about it here
Dang, that's too bad :(<br /><br />Although I guess Apple generally adheres to this "no sales" policy and that seems to work :P
Perhaps their should be a filter on massdrop that automatically blocks anything mentioning schiit besides on the discussion/talks pages. It is a waste of time, and takes away votes for other products possibly worth pursuing by others.
Pitty they don't do discounts. On the other hand their products are worth the money :)
Just to let everyone know. Schiit does not discount their products.
This. This drop will never happen.