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Maybe to get Schiit to agree it should be for some of their higher priced stuff where they may have more room to drop the price?
Exception "We'll knock $50 off any purchase over $249 from now until December 31, 2010."
I'm probably going to buy the o2/odac for a little more and is better.
It isn't completely about discounts. Their shipping (at least to Canada) is around $30, putting it on massdrop would help with shipping costs and maybe a little discount from bulk orders.
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I feel like it should be completely about discounts.
How would that help with shipping though? Like Ray said not only is it still being shipped internationally we are now adding an extra leg of shipping to the whole deal. The other option is that Schiit ships them out directly and I feel pretty confident they won't even entertain that idea.
Cute puppy, is she yours?
I think this idea has gone to 'schiit' (lol)
From their website:, they state they do not have any type of deals b/c valid reasons. I think i'm going to get the o2/odac, seems to be better and at a lower shipping cost.
She is my puppy, although golden retrievers grow awfully quickly that is when she was only like 10 weeks or so now she is around 8 to 9 months.
Can we do something to stop people from posting Schiit things?
Schiit won't play ball with us under any circumstances.
White is right. I've come across a post or two in the past over at headfi from Jason@Schiit stating those are their prices. They're the best price they can offer so there's no need for sales or otherwise.
In short, the price is, what it is.
In any case We can ask... :) But you are probably right :(