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Update Time!
STAX: We're speaking with a couple different branches of STAX and from the looks of it we'll be able to list their SRS-4170 combo soon.
Audeze: They've told us they don't have the production capacity to support a Massdrop order.
Grado: Same problem as Audeze, all their inventory is spoken for.
Outside of this poll, there's been an exciting release in the world of $1000+ headphones. The AKG K812 was released and every unit in the US was quickly bought up. Now they're making the review circuit with exceptional results and we've got 15 units available. Yup, AKG is listing their K812 on Massdrop within the next few days.
Stay tuned and watch for the K812 launch, they won't last long, especially with Massdrop pricing : )
@Will Thanks for the update. Hopefully Audeze will eventually catch up with production and have some sort of drop.
It's been a good thirty days since the last activity. Can we get some sort of an update?
Indeed you can! Stay tuned : )
The abyss and 009 would be far too expensive to put up here and most likely wouldn't get much of a discount. And nobody put up 007s? I'm surprised. 007mk1 is the most enjoyable headphone I've ever tried. 007mk2-3 is also pretty good but slower and more bass heavy. Beyers suck IMO. The hd800 has spectacular soundstage and imaging. Great clarity but doesn't sound sweet. Lcd2-3 are very laid back. I've heard with really high end amps they can sound engaging but I've yet to hear it. Hd800 > hd700 any day of the week. There's no contest there. Would be interested in some higher end audio technica as well.
Added AUDEZE LCD-XC closed back's to the mix. Really want to grab a pair in purpleheart, all my other cans are open back and let a lot of noise in/out.
Hi everyone. I have HD800 and they are really great but please stop voting for hd700. They are nothing like 800s and they wont get you anywhere near true top headphones. Vote for LCD2 - they are the most real candidate.
Would love to see the lcd2s dropped even if it's at the 700-800 dollar price point that a few retailers were offering in November and December.
drop and Audeze LCD-2 or an LCD-3 please! 3 buddy's of mine are looking for a pair.
My body is ready
I totally agree with headphonedude. The STAX is too expensive for a complete set up and I'm afraid that people aren't willing to buy. Unless it drops by 50%, but I highly doubt that is going to happen. Hopefully, we can get the lcd3 to drop though.
HD700 is selling for $650 on Amazon Prime. Not sure why it's here as you'll never see it cheaper.
Stax is leading, but I guarantee hardly anybody will buy. You need an electrostatic amp folks, you can't just plug it into a soundcard.
LCD3 or maybe LCD2 are the only likely candidates. Maybe the Grado or Fostex, but blah.
What about Fostex TH900? That's a headphone I'd love to see on here and would buy immediately.
+1 I'm in for sure!
Hello Everyone,
Hate to say it but Sennheiser HD800 isn't possible right now. I've spoken with them in person, over the phone, via email, and every other way possible. Sadly, they're not interested in working with any Massdrop groups at this time.
That said, we've got a lot of exciting headphones from Beyer, some fun stuff from Audio-Technica, and maybe some other interesting surprises toward the end of the month.
Winter is coming.
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Thanks, Will.
Actually, since this exchange came and went... the HD650s have been dropped repeatedly. There's another drop on right now. So, I'm still scratching my head over your, "Sennheiser HD800 isn't possible right now. I've spoken with them in person, over the phone, via email, and every other way possible. Sadly, they're not interested in working with any Massdrop groups at this time." comment. Clearly, they love working with Massdrop groups! Is it just the HD800s that they're unwilling to drop?
Just because there have been HD650 drops does not mean they are working with Sennheiser.
I wish I had people I could push to vote on this... but alas my friend with "high end" headphones spent $90. Common people please ;) I'll cry if we don't hit the votes necessary to get this going. I'm in debt and have sworn off spending, but, these... are a once in a lifetime exception if the discount is anything decent at all. You don't pass up HD 800s!!!
How I wish...
Hi, new to Mass Drop :) As far as HD800 goes - is it possible to estimate a group-buy price if we have, lets say, 50 orders?
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We just successfully dropped the Beyerdynamic T1s (which MSRP for about the same price as the HD800s) for a fabulous discount. That only took 10 orders to get the lowest price and the sale capped at 20, iirc.
If the HD800s dropped at 40% off like the Beyer T1s, you're right, they'd have trouble selling 50.
They'd sell HUNDREDS.
Just so everyone knows, the Stax SR-009 are electrostatic headphones which means they require an electrostatic amp to operate,Tyll Hertsens of InnerFidelity suggests this one: