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Da best ya gonna do around here is a Sennheiser Massdrop HD8xx with a plain 2 meter, 6.3mm unbalanced cable in a plain cardboard box with possibly tweaked bass response for $750-$800. It’ll take ya 6 months after drop to get it, too. Dat’s all ya gonna get
Poll is called "Sennheiser HD800 below $900" there's like 5-6 not only *not* HD 800, but *not* even Sennhesiser. Come on peeps, at least read the title before you spamming polls with your fav pair.
I'd rather the HD 800s get a a drop for around 1,200 I've tried both and think the S is significantly better all around for me and other people. So if an 800 were to drop I pray for the S variant. Because if I'm spending 900$ I don't mind a few hundred more for a superior product.
I have the chance to grab a pair of HD800s for $1000. The only thing is that it's the last unit, so they were used as a display at the store I'm looking to get them from. Would you think it's a good deal or I better pass?
For me that would all depend if I still would get at least 1 year warranty with them being used. I would pounce on it if I was able to get a pair of the S's for cheap. Just make sure the cable isn't messed up or kinked as well.
Please lord let there be a HD800 drop
will there be any drop soon? can't wait anymore
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Down to $1,000 on Amazon. I'd still love to see this drop, and I'd bet it would be a huge success anywhere <$800 now.
If they do that I'll just blow away my Budget in this man. It's the holy grail of any headphone in my opinion
Asstros are trash.
have hd 800 ever dropped? see them voted on but never listed
Would really like to see the specific Sennheiser HD-800-"S" version go actively on sale here on Massdrop. "S" version is an improved type (see mfr site) and the new black color is cool too. Reports are bass is stronger and highs are tamed better. How about some more votes for the "S" version !
Probably a xx version fir massdrop only
Would love to have this as a drop. $900 may be unrealistic but $1100 may be achieveable (i.e. 30% below the $1600 MSRP).
All 15 people who voted for beats need to be removed from the site immediately.
Any updates MD?
I am so ready to get one. Can we get response with so many votes are in.
updates? last update was 6 months ago. It has 1112 votes already
I I hope they are discussing this with Sennheiser since we got the hd700, let's hope next one will be hd800 ;)
Yeah I saw that hd700 and was excited. Could we really get an hd800?
Sounds reasonable as I picked up a pair on sale here in Toronto at Bay Bloor Radio for $1069 Can ($875 US) last fall…. also less than 2 weeks ago Amazon also had some marked down to $833Can ($680 US), excellent price…should have grabbed them.
May we please have an update? It could be simple like: Ongoing, stalled, topic closed or dead, or spend your money on something else you want.
I've got money on hold to buy things in a relative order. Meanwhile I've passed on other things that looked ok while waiting for Massdrop, and spent at other vendors having great sales.
Checked and have found a couple of 30 percent and one at 36% off coupons from Senheiser, when they want to move something. At CanJam 2015 L.A. Newegg had a set of HD800 for 900 Euro. (Sorry don't want to mess with warranty issues)
The sub 1k price is not out of the questions, more so if a replacement model is coming out, it's no different than when buying a car.
Please Communicate!
What's communication?
Nevermind, I picked up a set sub $1k. Waiting for Canon 5D Mk4 before dumping MD for good.
Any updates?
Um why did the person put beats as an option *facepalm* There are plenty of better options up there for cheaper too...
I would be all over this.
Please make this happen MassDrop!!!! Been wanting to grab the HD800, but the street price of $1.5k has always been an issue. If it's <$1k I'd willingly part with my money!
400 vote now, double 200. My god, if this was for 1000 id send my money right away.
Any new from Sennheiser yet ? we are so excited ... if it gonna be happened
you achieve 900.00 or less and I promise you will have their factory on overtime for months. I hear they are coming out with a new headphone to replace the hd800 so maybe they will be willing to mass drop below 900.00 Heck 900.00 is just fine by itself.
Hey everyone,
Thanks for the votes! We are currently in talks with Sennheiser and will keep you updated once we have more information.
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195 days ago and the vote's keep growing, is massdrop still talking to Sennheiser?
Sennheiser HD 800 “LIKE NEW” were listed a few months ago for $899 at By the paperwork, they appeared to be refurbs, but carried a full two year warranty per musicdirect. I’m wearing a set right now. The under $900 massdrop price should be doable.
In the mean time vote for K8XX (K812)...
Any word on the hd800s showing up on MD?