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Just got the new HD 800S and they have a little more bass than the HD800. But none the less they are both still the best.
Over the past 30+ years I have owned a number of Sennheiser headphone models, including the 598, 600, 650, and currently the HD700. Each model has excellent audio qualities, but when cost is factored into the equation I believe the HD700 is the best value. Several online sellers currently offer the 700's for $450, which makes them a screaming deal.
HD 700 please!!!
Lookin' for the 600's, mon! Need them bad!
When will we have the HD600 drop again? Thanks.
hd598 which is $150 on amazon is a steal. massdrop should do this, because not everyone can buy easily from amazon, i like massdrop better than amazon
any updates on this? would love to jump on the sennie 600
interested in the 518's, apparently they sound just as good as the 558's if you use the headphone mod trick
I have the 598s and seldom use them that much these days. That being said, when I have used them, the soundstage has been engaging, mids warm and comfort unparalleled!
Please note that Sennheiser HD 6590 does not exist. It should actually be HD 650.
So Mike, what is the word on that Sennheiser drop? It's been almost a month....
Did somebody just invent the HD-6590? Or is the HD-650 in here twice, once with an erroneous name?
Hey everyone,
Thanks for voting! We are currently in talks with Sennheiser and will keep you updated once we have more information.
any news?
Any updates? Over 1k votes and its been half a year almost.
I used the 558 for 2 years and loved it. Then I got the 600 through Massdrop for an unbeatable price and it is outstanding! Clear sound good soundstage, real impact to the bass (natural, not basshead sound). This is a must have. You do need an amp to get the best from these. I use the Aune T1 which has been sold by Massdrop.