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please, please, please drop Deep Space. It's such an awesome set
How long until XDA Godspeed goes again...............................................?
11k votes, what's gonna drop when?
can we get the deep space dropped anytime soon?
can't we get some backlit sets?
I'd love to see some backlit sets too!
I've never known want like seeing someone have a starry night set.
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No not in person, I want to see them made
You know, I thought I saw a real picture of the set... but it turns out it was just a very convincing render!
Too many are lost in Deep Space, and I can read all your Troubled Minds but all I want is any older set of SAs like Retro, Nuclear Data or Symbiosis that I can never find on the MM for a fair price.
Troubled minds fools!
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Yea that is the truth. He has said mass drop won’t be involved either which is good news. You can find all the info on first round of the buy under comments.
That I already knew. He's also currently busy with the Kira1800 and 75 prototypes.
I can safely say this. TM might not even get an R2 soon if SP isn't feeling it since Melissa also now holds the freedom to re-release the set anytime they wished.
This please!
Deep Space, do you hear me?
Penumbra everyone!!
Where’s hana??? WE NEED HANA !!!
That picture of Deep Space is incredibly misleading. That is NOT what they look like in person. Should have used the pics from the PMK product page
Will these come in ISO?
Deep Space might be coming back in GMK:
Would be lovely if there were price-indications for product, as I can't really spend more than €35 on keycap sets. the DSA GreenTea is relatively cheap right?
Yeah, no. These sets will cost $80 (~€75), more if you have a non standard layout.
one deep space please :)
I think the Tai Hao Rainbow set should be removed from the poll, as it's not made by Signature Plastics.
Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to mechanical world, I only used it for 2 to 3 years so far, but loved it so much that can't go back to rubber dome keys.
However, just wondering how come most of you guys prefer the 10 keyless board? Because I personally can type numbers much faster with those 10 keys, which I find it quite difficult when comes to finding good keycaps for my full UK keyboard
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It's really all personal preference. I don't like or need the numpad, and prefer a TKL and usually a 60%. That is just me however.
I also type faster on a tenkey, but I'm experimenting with having it separate and somewhere else on the desk, so that I can keep my drawing tablet on the left, keyboard mostly in the middle, then mouse/trackball on the right. My tenkey is used much less frequently, but I still want it around. (I'm left handed and usually using stylus for VFX work, trackball for clicks and nav, mouse as backup)
Support EVE please!
Oh wow. The things I would do for Skull Squadron... Loved Macross.
need ISO!!!
Deep Space, Carbon, Penumbra, Symbiosis or whatever, keep 'em comin'!
Carbon SA, I need it.
yes please....I've already thrown money at the computer for it
Modern Selectric in SA, but please no uniform R3 keys.
I want Skull Squadron keycaps so badly.
The product page link for Deep Space is not working for me.
i want penumbra so bad, best looking caps of all time
Get cracking on some mock-ups and contact Signature Plastics, then. That or wait for poor Bunnylake to get un-swamped and do a second run. He's mentioned that it's in the works but he's been rather busy so it will likely be a while.
Anyone interested in doing this for the DSA Retro? I have a couple boards that would look really good in those (someone should probably do it just to get a proper Ergodox setup for it too)
If you want the Pulse colorway to run again, create your own mock-ups for it and go through the various necessities with SP and MD to run it. Colorways are not protected. See US copyright sections 906.3 (color variations are not protected) and 906.8 (no utilitarian element of a useful article is protected).
Pulse won't drop again? That's sad, fantastic design. As for Granite, matt3o already stated that there will be a drop (most likely in january) so no need to waste votes on that, either. And for DDeep Space, isn't it available on pmk right now?