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If massdrop can get a Benchmade cheaper than 100, that would be amazing! That said, I have seen Amazon cheaper than massdrop so slightly sceptical
If Benchmade doesn't make them they might be OK.
Benchmade 943 with carbon fibre scales. Super slim, super lightweight and super rare. I want one quite bad.
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Oops that was a typo. I meant g10 is lighter than the aluminum. Carbon fiber sheds a few oz but I just prefer the feel of g10 best. the 943 does have a higher grade steel on the blade but I'm not sure I would notice any improvement at that level.
no prob about blade shape! To each his own. I like the functionality of the blade shape and every time I take it out someone comments on how rad the blade looks. like I said. All preference aside it's way too sharp.
If the 943 came with G10 scales, that would be acceptable too! Or Micarta. Actually, I would prefer micarta over both G10 and carbon for the rough and ruggard look. I actually just put micarta scales on my BM 707BK Sequel and it looks great and feels great!
how do you know when something you voted for has gone on drop??
no idea lol
Massdrop will send you an email telling you when something you have voted for has become an active drop.