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Now Available!

Thanks to DanteGrey for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Pilot Falcon Fountain Pen available.

LizDrop Buyer

Pilot Falcon Fountain Pen

Pilot Falcon Fountain Pen

Hey everyone, thanks for participating in this poll. Voting has been closed, here's why:
We've run drops for the Falcon before; you can request a rerun, but Pilot isn't making Namiki products available to Massdrop now.
The other pens are all from Noodler's which we have launched drops for in the past and are currently being voted on here:
All of these votes will still be counted towards the totals. Thanks for voting!
Hopefully the acrylic/resin one, because I'd like to be able to afford it...
Which Falcon are talking about here? With the acrylic barrel or with the metal one?