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If want to do this piece by piece, which one should I get first? the Play 1?
what is the point of a play1? isnt the point of sonos to have speakers in multiple rooms?
They're extremely compact and discreet, yet give off the sound of a much bigger full stereo speaker. So imagine sprinkling these around the house. Pretty amazing little things - I had no idea how good they were until I heard one at a friend's house, and now I need one or two or three...
Agreed. Own a Play1 and it is very good. Would love to get more for the house.
Whoever you are, if you do not already have SONOS then you must purchase one. No matter which one you will buy, you will always ask yourself how you did without it. From the moment you have a SONOS you have music in your house.
I myself own one Play:1 alrdy and I love it. the sound quality is very good. Its size is deceiving. Imo worth the price! And if it gets dropped more so!