How Do Polls Work?

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Hey guys, SSDs aren't a viable item for Massdrop right now. Margins are super thin so there's no way to give you a meaningful price break. Thanks for making the poll though! Try to think of items with arbitrarily inflated prices, those work the best for this kind of thing. We can go straight to the manufacturer and cut out all the superficial price hikes.
your point being?
@Gary It's not possible to offer good prices on solid state drives. Focus your polling energy on a different variety of products.
I want the 830, because I already have one and then I can put it in raid.
The bigger the SSD the better! I would love to upgrade my current 256gb SSD because it is just barely enough space. I haven't done so yet because going that extra step up to a 512gb SSD is pricey. I hope that a 512gb SSD gets enough votes because I'm hunting for a deal.