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Now Available!

Thanks to JonasHeineman for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Stipula Passaporto Original Reproduction available.

SandyDrop Buyer

Stipula Passaporto Original Reproduction

Stipula Passaporto Original Reproduction

Maybe I'll be interested to Nib M
Medium nib
Any idea on what time frame we are looking at?
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Is the pen modified so that it can be used as an eyedropper. The company put in an O-ring so it would not leak. Also they provided an eyedropper in the box. The pen then holds an enormous amount of ink if you use a stub you will use it up quicker than a fine nib. So is this pen eyedropper equipped?
Hey @djringjr -- If I understand your question correctly: yes, an eyedropper is included.
I have a clear blue Passporto from a while ago - it was my first pocket carry and a really wonderful FP. Very smooth writer with a Fine nib and can be an eyedropper or a cartridge. Just love this little pen, easy to hold and use (even unposted) and really easy to slip in a jeans pocket for EDC. Would cherish another one and would probably get a stub nib.
I am very interested in another Passaporto (I bought one through the FPN group buy), but it depends on price and only if italic nibs are available.
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Hey @dms525 -- All of the nib sizes will be available if we can make this production run possible.
The poll for nib sizes will gauge how many of each (Fine, Medium, Stub) are ordered, because we'll need to know that information at the same time as we know which color(s) will be made.
Thanks for letting us know, it's exciting to see so many members interested in bringing this back!
I have a 1.1mm italic nib. It writes very well - smooth and crisp. Just a bit wider than I would prefer.
What's the pricing going to look like, do we know yet?
Hey @Ardaniel, great question. Here's what I can tell you re: pricing.
The MSRP of the recently-discontinued Passaporto, with less-desirable revisions, was $105, and we have seen limited editions of this model selling for $125.
We're doing our best to get the best price for the community, and we think we can make this happen for $80 per pen or less. This has gotten really strong support right away, and we hope to have some good news for everyone soon.
Oh, crap, I need to find some extra cash ASAP
This probably won't be an option but if you could get them to make 2 colors I'd probably buy 2 pens with 2 different nibs. I love these little pens!
Hey @hjester -- Great question. We would love to be able to produce more than one color, and we can make that happen if there's enough support for more than one color in the voting.
Almost 250 members have requested that we re-launch a drop for the Stipula Passaporto, but unfortunately, it is a discontinued pen. However, we have been speaking with the vendor and they wanted to do something special for the Massdrop writing community!
Not only will Stipula make the Passaporto available again, they are going to bring back the original version of the pen which has some key advantages over subsequent revisions:
* Metal threading on barrel for secure closure (instead of plastic) * Threading on back for secure posting of cap (instead of bare) * More reliable single-piece grip section (instead of two pieces) * Turned on a lathe for greater strength (instead of injection-molded)
To make this happen, we'll need to setup a production run of at least 500 pens - and we need your help to gauge the community's interest in the pen, as well as the color and nib size preferences.
Thanks for voting! Now that you've chosen your favorite color, vote for your preferred nib size: