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Is there any benefit of having a blade the pricy?
It's probably even harder to stroop than a cheap one so what's the point? It cuts hair the same.
All I want to know is...a dragon dildo?....really?
Over 1000 votes and still no drop?
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Thanks for the comment! And fair point - we'll look into it ;)
You guys could start listing the SRPs of the items being voted on, so you have a more realistic idea of the actual demand for each drop.
$1000 for the Iwasaki straight razor plus VAT? lol good luck selling 1.
Hey guys,
We're still working on finding an Iwasaki vendor to work with in order to offer the community considerable savings. We will keep you posted with our progress.
Hi all,
Thank you for your votes. We will look into the top results and get back to you with our updates.
Seriously, fill out the product information. With no price information easily to hand it's harder to tell which to select. It's like RIGHT THERE.
A lot of the razors being suggested simply aren't made anymore (w&b, filarmonica). How in the world will you do a drop on those?
Are you kidding me?! $700 for a straight razor? damn...
I already have two DOVO straight razors and I'm interested a traditional Japanese one piece. It is hard to find in retail and online stores that carry the one piece at a reasonable price.