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Now Available!

Thanks to setitheyeti for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the JBL LSR308 8” Two-Way Powered Studio Monitor available.

MattDrop Buyer

JBL LSR308 8” Two-Way Powered Studio Monitor

JBL LSR308 8” Two-Way Powered Studio Monitor

should have gone with the adam ax5 or 7s, although the krk rokits are often considered standard they are unimpressive. Once you get used to the crisp, tasty transients the adam pumps out you can't go back to something with such little high end definition
Agreed. A5x would have been much better for just a few dollars more. A7x would be very nice to see in a drop even though it is somewhat more expensive.
We've reached out to the vendor, but unfortunately the KRK Rokit 6 isn't a viable option for a drop right now. I am going to close the poll for now but will update you if anything changes.
Mackies for sure. KRK's is the same as Rolex. Everyone thinks they're the best, but they're not. Just hyped up to be.
Please don't be idiots, the Rokits ARE NOT studio monitors. They are HiFi speakers hyped up as monitors, vote for the Yamahas, same price, actually flat
Hey everyone,
Thanks for voting! We'll look into the top products and keep you updated.
Added the Yorkville YSM5 as an alternative to the Rokits. They're not as well known of a company, but I heard them in person a few days ago and they blow the Rokit 5 out the water.
Yamaha isn't a well known brand? And KRK is!?
Oh God, please, no. Not Rokits. Anything but KRKs. I'll even take Behringers over KRKs. Except for the Behringers designed by the KRK dude.
Whats your problem with rokits. They are actually pretty good