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Now Available!

Thanks to bwxd for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Shure SE215 Earphones available.

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Shure SE215 Earphones

Shure SE215 Earphones

I am so glad you made this poll. Can't wait for the drop!
well first we need to have 200 total votes. generally they seem to be able to get good prices. more votes people! share this to your friends or family who might be interested.
Does anyone have an idea of how long it normally takes for Massdrop to decide which (if any) will get a Massdrop price? I know its probably up to the distributor but do they have a typical time before they know?
im actually a little bit disappointed with which headphone is leading the pack. HAHA i was really hoping for the Westone UM Pro 10 to succeed since it just released. But just want to say thanks to everyone that has voted so far.
Where can you get the regular Shure SE215 for $80? I even looked on Amazon and they're still $100 on there.
I'm not sure if I can post links here. But there are some websites where SE215 is listed for $100 but they're always creating different promos with coupon codes going from 15% to 30% many times per year. We are near to Black Friday, when it's 25% to 30% down.
I have seen them going for the price of $80 as well, depends on coupon codes. But if it were for me I would rather get a massdrop discount on something that costs a bit for than that price, cause its already low enough.
reason why I put up the LTD, is because it does cost more and two because they're technically better with its low end response than the regular. These are just some IEM's I want to try for
Non LTD version of SE215 can be acquired for around 80USD and the actual street price is 100USD. Is this poll crazy about the color or anything like that?