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Now Available!

Thanks to Thomas077 for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the GourmetKickz Custom Nike Roshes available.

KunalDrop Buyer

GourmetKickz Custom Nike Roshes

GourmetKickz Custom Nike Roshes

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to keep you guys updated. We dropped the GourmetKickz Custom Nike Roches recently, however we will keep working on the other top results from this poll.
How do I get the sunset palmers?
Everybody here for 'Sunset Palmer Roshes' like everyones comments and tell more people to get on and vote for them.
I really love the nike flynit!
The Sunset Palmer Roshes are so nice I'd love a pair!
Sunset Palme are dope. Need to vote for those so I can get a pair!
Sunset Palme are dope. Need to vote for those so I can get a pair!
Those Sunset Palmers are jaw droppin' gorgeous! Let's get those votes in people!
I'm here for the sunset palmers, I know little about the site it would be awesome if someone explained the voting process and how long it would take for these to drop
please guys do everything you can do to get the sunset palmer roshes available!! thanks!
Can people vote for the roshe run sunset Palmer I need one please people help a brother out
No stay away from the Flyknit. I own a pair and they soak up mud like a sponge. They wash in the washing machine but you need to care for them weekly just to stay presentable.
Not sure if anyone cares but, can you guys vote for the "Sunset Palme" roshe runs so I can order a pair? Thanks!
Hi Everyone!
Thank you all for voting, however, Killshots are not feasible at this time.
Pleas keep voting for other companies you would like to work with so I can try to create more drops for you.
I hope to have something for you soon!
how about some adidas zx flux ? or even some puma suede, since you've already dropped the puma socks..
Hello, do you know if the roshe run sunset Palmer will be available? Thank you
Cool! This is my first poll and it made it to 200. Thanks for voting guys. The killshots were my first choice too.