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Nov 2, 2015
Yes, I bought a Super5 pen from Goulet Pens , 9 months ago. I absolutely LOVE it. It still works and looks like new.
I went to order another, but they were gone. I have not tried the Super5 ink, so I can not comment on their inks.
Short answer : The Super5 is a durable, well built, heavy duty, workhorse pen . Sturdy, smooth .6 nib that write right out of the box. Good weight, takes international cartridges or converter. Great for lots of writing and drawing. One of my favorite pens without question.
It leans toward a classic cigar/torpedo shape, a curved sturdy clip with good spring to it. The Super5 takes international cartridges or converter (which I hope will be available with the drop). I believe that it would take international long cartridges, although I don't have one to check.*
The barrel and cap are heavy duty plastic, the feed section and clip are metal. Durable threads that screw on/off easily. The bottom of the barrel screws off to a space for a spare cartridge.* (lots of room in the barrel to accommodate a long cartridge)
The heavy duty steel nib is very smooth, some feedback but not in any way scratchy. By it's nature, the stub nib adds some interest to your writing and while It is not a flex nib, you can get a little variation with pressure on the down stroke. It isn't a springy, flex nib by any means and you won't get lines from super fine to BBB. The plus to that is, this nib isn't one that is going to bend or misalign easily , it would probably survive if it were to hit the floor nib first.
The cap clicks closed with a snug fit. The pen is heavy on the nib end if the cap is not posted and more balanced with cap posted. I like the weight toward the nib end, so prefer it un-posted.
If you do a lot of writing at work, drawing or plain o' doodling, this is a wonderful pen. It pairs well with one of Noodler's water proof/ bulletproof inks for multiple art uses. It has been one of my daily use pens and will probably always sit on my art table in easy reach.
I have been wanting to get another Super5 pen since I got this one . They are sturdy, well built pens that would survive being tossed into a backpack or bag. the Super5 I bought was very affordable and money well spent. Especially for a pen you won't have to repair or replace the first time you drop it :)
I am very happy to see it on Massdrop. I don't know what the Massdrop price would be, but I would think that a Massdrop price would also be very affordable but not easy to find for those of us who are looking to get another.
I hope enough people will join the drop and give this pen a try. Especially anyone who does a good deal of drawing or writing. Hope this helps !
Nov 2, 2015
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