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Come on guys, I really want to buy one of those! At a reasonable price.. International shipping is so much better on Massdrop than direct from seller.
Are people still interested in the SubPac M1? I'm stoked to see what it's like but 379$ plus shipping is a bit steep for my economy right now. Hope we can manage to reach 200!
so whats the status on this? im a noob on this site lol i found it looking for the subpac
Stoked for this!
So.... Its a vibrating chair.... That goes along with music?
It's a vibrating pad that goes along with music, which you put on your chair, or strap on like a backpack.
I was skeptical at first about using a SubPac over my traditional sub-woofer, but it really does make a world of difference. What is unique about the SubPac is that you can actually FEEL the sub frequencies.
The way the unit works is that it vibrates at different frequencies corresponding to a given audio frequency, so for example a 49hz sine wave, or low G produces a clean vibration, while a 55 hz sine, or low A, produces a slightly quicker clean vibration. Using a saw or square wave on those low frequencies produces a slightly more complex vibration, as you can actually feel the harmonic overtones which are added by the saw or square. If you sweep a sine wave from say 20hz to 200hz, you feel the vibration start from a slow rumble, to a fast quiver, as it moves up your back.
Why is this desirable? Because you can actually /feel/ any muddiness, or any competing frequencies in your low end. Sidechaining your kick to your sub? You can feel the pumping of the sidechain to lock it right into place. Trying to get your modulation on your low end really tight? You can feel the LFO or envelope on your sub, vs trying to listen for the correct modulation, etc.
Yep! And I've tried them out, they are crazy awesome!