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Hey Everyone,
Gaming laptops aren't a feasible product for us to drop. Just like hard drives, processors, and SSDs, the prices you can get from newegg/amazon are the best you're going to get until groups start buying 10,000+ units at a time.
Thanks for your votes, we're closing this poll.
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Aw shucks... ;(
Aw shucks... ;(
Im using a Lenovo Y510P right now, it isnt bad stuff (touchpad is the worst) but heavy as fack! And who the hell thinks a Macbook is a gaming platform?? (Asks who uses Linux for gaming :D )
EDIT: Added a laptop from pcspecialist, with amazing performance/price ratio. I'll definitely buy it this summer. :) Its the Optimus V 13.3. You can add another laptop from their site if you want they have plenty, but Im into this model only. The 15" is just too big for me(thats what she said! :D). These comps are almost 100% customizable.
Who the hell is stupid enough to buy a Razer laptop ?
then what do you suggest we vote for?
Well, I personally am a bit of a power user and so I own a bit of a beefier rig with the Asus G750JX. But if I were to go for a thin and light GAMING notebook, I would probably suggest some of the newer thin and lights that were showcased in CES 2014.
MSI's notebooks generally pack alot of punch for their chassis with RAID SSDs and crazy jazz like that at a more suitable price ( - look at the new ones with 8xxM GPUs).
If you're willing to go for a thicker rig like mine, the new Asus G750s (eg. JZ with 880M) ( - if you look at the bottom of that page you'll see the other two variants with lower GPUs but also a lower price tag).
The Aorus listed here has dual GPUs (765m) with 4 openings for cooling, and that cooling actually prevails with very little audible fan noise in the process. It's also made by Gigabyte so you know you're getting the best bang for your buck.
The sagers and the clevos are barebones MSI and Gigabyte laptops that really wouldn't be very suitable for dropping since they're made to be customised to suit the user.
Lastly while it's not suggested in the choices, Lenovo makes some pretty insane laptops with serious hardware in them that's designed to go past just the gaming aspect and aims to pack alot of features into a pretty solid 15" form factor.
I've pretty much mentioned all of them, feel free to look into any one that catches your eye more thoroughly. I would personally recommend either the Lenovo or the MSI (imho) because one of my friends bought the last generation of Y500 series laptops and he's had no complaints, and I've had some pretty extensive hours at the mall trying out games at Virgin (the guys there were super nice to get Crysis 3 and Bioshock infinite aswell as all of the CoD games along with BF4 installed on the GS70 for me to try them out). The laptop got somewhat hot after about 30 mins of gaming but only around the back corners of the laptop where it was exhausting air -- (all ultra settings, no noticable frame drops, but I had to either turn off or lower AA). So out of my personal time and research before I ended up buying the Asus laptop (I realised I wasn't going to be moving around as much as I initially thought), these were the observations I found given the resources accessible to me as well as tons of hours of reading on the internet. So... there ya go.. :) haha
I am interested in the Aorus. They even got a 13.3"/13.9' coming out as well.
Almost identical specs to the razer
Just as an FYI to people who are voting for the Razer blade. While it is a sexy form factor with alot of horsepower, it's extremely expensive because of that QHD+ Panel which is also touchscreen. You might be thinking, those specs sound amazing, way better than last year's right? well no. The 870m's performance while good at 1080p, can't drive native res. Also the storage options are VERY limited with only one small SSD at a pretty expensive price point; as well as the airflow in that small chassis being pretty terrible. My friend fell for the razer sexiness and glamour and I've heard nothing but complaining from him about how hot the thing gets - and his is the 17" with a lower GPU than this one. If that doesn't speak volumes to the quality of the laptop than I don't know what does. Just thought y'all should know.
This. The Blade is an overpriced piece of junk. Don't pay extra for flare when it comes at the cost of performance and durability.