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Hey all, thank you for voting. These watches don't match the direction that the community is moving towards. Additionally, a few of these are featured in more specific polls, so for those reasons, I will be closing this poll.
Could you guys vote on these dive watches:
Direct from the Becomb website: "FEATURES ... Movement: This piece contains no movement. It is not a watch"
Eh, Greyhours looks like another cheap small movement inside a large case watch. The date wheel is way too far to the inside.
The GREYHOURS is absolutely gorgeous. I need it in my life.
I agree 100%. It's drop dead gorgeous, but I just looked it up online and they go for $270 each. That's the problem with voting in polls. It's nice being able to vote for what I like, but I never know what the prices are so when they actually drop they're usually a big surprise.