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I have HHKB Pro 1, but where the pro 1 pic btw? 🤔
Incase you guys wondering
Does anyone know if the FC660C has step sculpture 2 profile PBT caps (similar to cherry profile) or are they OEM height?
Must say i'm a bit shocked the Leopold is #1 by a fair margin, don't get me wrong it's a FINE board but given the HHKB hype and the fantastic layout i'm not sure i'd go with the Leopold over a HHKB. Were i to buy one it would be more to compliment the HHKB as another Topre in my board collection.
Who is the joker that added the Logitech? Lol
I wouldn't mind getting another HHKB since I've modded the hell out of mine. I just got a FC660c and it is a damn fine board. Not better than HHKB but definitely up there since the layout is also nice. Good to have the arrow cluster.
I was looking at HHKB for a while but I can't get used to that layout...need my arrows and Home/End where I'm used to them.
Just bought the fc660c on amazon. Wish I had waited.
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Because it was $236.00. I do love it though. The 55g keys do take a little getting used to, I suspect its because I am used to my 45g keys on my elitekeyboards......But for being a mini keyboard (apart from making a great murder weapon due to its heft) I really like it. I would go crazy on the HHK keyboard without my inverted 't'. I did take the nice red esc key from my elitekeyboards and put on the leopold. Its definately dye sub keys very easy to read and stealthy small.
for what? several months for delivery from MD? :D

I like
I wonder if we'll ever see a Novatouch drop??
Topre Typeheaven plsss
Old comment i know but why would you want the cheapest made Topre board? If you are just looking to enter at a cheaper price even the Novatouch would be a better option since the caps are replaceable on that one. But the stock keycaps on the Type heaven are incredibly blah and overall it just lacks the quality of the Realforce boards if you are looking for Full or TKL.
Did Topre not respond to this offer? I know Seasonic is the US distributor. Can we try them?
I just submitted the two dye-sub versions of the FC660C; might be a bit specialised, but I think it's a pretty good price for a dye-sub pbt topre board. You can't swap out the keys with cherry ones though (like with the novatouch), and it is missing a dedicated function row.