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Hi everyone,
After dozens of emails, calls, followups, and meetings, it's becoming apparent that we wont be able to source any of the top options within this poll.
We'll keep working on alternatives but we're going to close this poll for now.
Thanks for your votes and we'll keep doing our best to get turntables listed!
That's too bad. Thanks for trying.
Having heard several of these turntables, I would very much like to see either a VPI or Rega turntable up. The Pro-ject stuff is decent, but I think Rega and VPI are better and I don't mind paying a little more to get a better turntable. The RP1 is a great entry level turntable, and I'd really like to see the RP3 up personally.
If the Rega RP1 drops be sure to negotiate adding the option for the factory installed "Performance Pack". Are companies ever willing to offer a discount across multiple products as long as you fulfill an order quota? For example, if Rega were to offer a drop it might be nice to see the RP1, RP3 and RP6 as it may attract more buyers.
Hi everyone,
Just a quick update to let you know we're still working on getting high quality turntables listed.
Hopefully we'll have more to report soon!
I am in the market for a turntable!
Hello Everyone!
We're still talking with all the companies in this poll but turntables have some unique challenges. As an example, all of the top manufacturers listed in this poll have policies which require the point of sale to be the point of service as well. Massdrop isn't in the turntable repair business (yet) so we're working with the manufacturers to relax these requirements but it's taking some time.
We're working to get these listed and we'll keep working on your behalf. Thanks for your patience and support!
The Traveler is in an entirely different league than the others listed..
@steve Please.
Any updates? *cross fingers*
Hey everybody. We've contacted all the vendors in this poll and so far Pro-ject and Rega have responded quite positively about working with the group. That said, we've been in the process of following up with them for quite some time and are currently waiting to hear back with final details and prices. We'll check in with them this week to see if there is anything new to report. Stay tuned.
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Yeah, really looking to buy a turntable sometime soon. Any updates, @steve?
Hey Steve, what's the progress with the turntables? Thanks!
Yeah I've been hawkeyeing this forever now.
Any chance of this dropping soon?
I would guess when we get the required votes (now at 40) to get them going on it to see if they can work something out.
When are we actually going to see this going up for buying??