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Also, to throw an additional thought into the mix: TWSBI just announced that their new $30 Eco is coming out this month! Lamy's going to be in for some struggles.
Me too, if this offered cheap international shipping then I am up for it, especially if it included drop credit.
I own a TWSBI and would like to get another one, but the international shipping for those are... just not worst it. So having a drop here at MSRP but with low international shipping would be great from my point of view.
Hey writing enthusiasts, I wanted to alert you all to something that we've just introduced:
Drop Credits (alpha test):
This did not get a particularly warm reception on the first pass, but we're very interested in getting feedback from other communities about it before deciding how to proceed.
I was hoping that we'd have great success on this, and I could propose trying this or something similar to make TWSBI available here, which we currently cannot because of the pricing policy.
I welcome and and all comments. The big question we need to answer is: If this was the *only* way to make brands (like TWSBI) available, would credits toward a future Massdrop order be worth enough to you that you would consider joining a drop for a product at full MSRP?
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Thanks @ATC729 @Yary @Shockdub @SimonandGarpunkel for letting me know. It looks like drop credits are on hold, at least for the time being, but I am passing these comments along.
In the meantime, I am always happy to try again with TWSBI to make something happen here.
I, for one, would buy a TWSBI Vac at full MSRP here for drop points, mostly for the really great international shipping prices.
From what I understand about TWSBI is they will sell the pens to massdrop or any other retailer for that matter for a bulk discounted price but in return can't list or sell the item to us for less than the price set by TWSBI. Its call price fixing A lot of companies practice this form of business. Most notably Apple which is why apple products cost the same no matter where you go. The only way to get around this is for the retailer to offer a mail in rebate or some order form of discount that doesn't involve listing the item less than what the manufacturer sets.
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Good lookin out. Never hurts to make another call on this one with 1000+ votes and counting...
Hey Dirges -- We tried to make the Vac700 happen but timing didn't work, but we've gotten a more interested response that in the past and I hope we can find a way to make TWSBI available.
I have a silly question for Massdrop. This poll was started a few months ago, has garnered almost 500 votes (as of my witing this) and is still open for voting. How are we, your hopeful customers to interpret this?
Have you inquired with TWSBI directly or a third party vendor? Despite its popularity, is this drop even a possibility? Should we be hopeful for success or lower our expectations to, "Well, it was fun to vote on this stuff, anyway." ? (I never know how to punctuate sentences like that ... arg.)
Oh, Massdrop powers that be ... what say you?
They've said on several polls that TWSBI is not interested with working with Massdrop, but they're using this poll to try to persuade TWSBI to reconsider, or at least that's what the comments on this poll imply:
Thanks. That helps. If I want a TWSBI, I'll look to other sellers and not "wonder" if this Massdrop thing might work - at least for TWSBI.
To be fair, at the price they sell their pens, it is already a pretty amazing value.
I really like the TWSBI mini rose gold, that's a very cool design...
I have heard this from other retailers. TWSBI will not sell to anyone unless they price it at or above MSRP.
I'm pretty sure TWSBI doesn't allow anyone to discount their pens...