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Now Available!

Thanks to Drew for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the LG 34-inch Curved Ultrawide Monitor 34UC87M-B available.

BrianDrop Buyer

LG 34-inch Curved Ultrawide Monitor 34UC87M-B

LG 34-inch Curved Ultrawide Monitor 34UC87M-B

Should have been the ASUS or the Dell 29"
They each got like ~5% of the votes, though. The LG was the overwhelming favorite.
So let me correct myself and say it should have been any 29" ):
Prepare your wallets... It's coming today.
I think Will and the rest of massdrop team are doing a great job with this, but personally based on the last update, I would wait for the other brand to release their version of the 34 ultrawide monitor and go with that. My main reason is the timing, by the time this LG ships out, the other brand would be ready to release their monitor, so yeah, will still keep an eye out for this though.
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Except that to the best of my knowledge, only LG are actually making a 3440x1440 panel right now. So the AOC and Dell (that seems to have disappeared) are both dependent on LG shipping on schedule. If LG has issues, it will knock on to them, delaying all product based around the 3440x1440 panel.
I see from the recently added AOC that it is estimated for August delivery but no pricing as yet. Seems to be a better base offering, but it does lose LUT and Thunderbolt (if that matters). It does gain extra USB3 ports, an adjustable stand and a better default warranty (vs 34UM95).
Another thing to add is that it's AOC Europe launching the monitor. No news from AOC USA, they're 2 separate division and 2 different company. Talks about AOC USA launching it is not even mentioned.
Hi Everyone,
Thanks for your patience! If you don't want the story, here's the basic information.
1. LG has increased our cost on this monitor by $100 and we are doing everything we can to keep the price we have to charge below $900 . We've been told the initial pricing given to us was given mistakenly. This price increase effects everyone working with LG and prices across the Internet will adjust to reflect that in the next couple days. Our price will be the best price possible.
2. The 34UM94 looks very similar to the 34UM95 and our rep has verified the 34UM94 has the same silver back as the 34UM95. I can't say they're identical, but the stock photos they gave us for the 34UM94 are the same photos you see on 34UM95 pages.
3. The 34UM94 will come with a three-year warranty from LG.
4. The 34UM94s purchased in this upcoming drop will not ship until late August according to LG.
Here's the full story if you have even more patience : )
In my last major update, I talked about how we might be able to list the 34UM94 for $800 shipped to US addresses. That price was based on the official bid LG gave us following our account approval.
After I posted that update, some members cross-posted the info to a few other search indexed forums. Normally this is great because it increases awareness for the poll, product, and eventual drop resulting in bigger numbers and bigger savings.
Sadly, the 34UM94 is a new product, so there's not much written about it online. Because of that lack of material, the forum posts about our possible $800 price level became the top search results for "LG 34UM94".
LG is a large organization with many tiers of management and when some managers saw those posts online, they became concerned that some company they don't know (Massdrop) looks like they're going to sell the 34UM94 for substantially less than the rest of their retailers (some of the posts made it seem like we were already selling the product).
Following this, I had to start the pitching process again, explaining Massdrop to a new group of managers and decision makers.
At the same time that was happening, other stores online saw those posts and started putting up speculative product pages based on what they thought their cost would be if we could list the UM3494 for $800 (not the most important thing to know, but you're reading this because you're curious).
Following this new round of consideration, our initial quote was revoked ( we were told it was a mistake, a reasonable possibility given the new nature of the product) and replaced with a new quote with a cost $100 higher than our previous cost. Given that, $800 shipped isn't possible. We're doing everything we can to make it close (it'll probably end up just below $900) and we're doing our best to get this listed in the next few days.
Thanks for all your support! It's been incredible to see all the interest pouring out for this product and I'm looking forward to launching as soon as we can : )
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Realistically, I doubt LG has any part of their warranty document that addresses light bleed in unambiguous terms. It'll come down to what you can show their support I imagine. Keep in mind though, we always do our best to make it right for the customer (take the Monoprice Zero-G RMA stories for example).
Additionally, t's worth knowing that when I initial spoke with them, they said it could ship in late july/early august (as per a previous update). They pushed back the date (mid to late august now as per latest update) so I asked why and they told me "to make minor improvements". That could be literally anything but based on their forum-lurking behavior, I'd guess they're looking to fix some of the problems power users have identified with the first couple batches of 34UM95s.
Awesome. Thanks, Will!
They don't know yet ;) They're still working out the contracts/pricing etc, so no meaningful updates just yet.
In other news. is selling these for $832 assuming they had any in stock. This makes me moist beyond reproach as I expect an even BETTER deal from the massdrop gods.
It has become my daily routine to check on this discussion when I wake up, at work, and about to go to bed. It's also funny to see that the vote count has been growing still.
It's our daily routine to keep an eye on the discussion too :)
We're still working out the contracts/pricing etc, so no meaningful updates just yet :(
When do you expect the monitor to be up for sale?
When Will initially talked to LG about this whole 34UM94-P deal, there was initial talk about July/August. Dunno if that still stands. But you want to wait for a couple reasons..... 1) gives them time to apply a firmware update that is supposedly coming out for them, and hopefully this fixed the Displayport 1.2 flickering that some people have with the 34UM95. 2) This gives them extra time to correct the backlight bleed.
Black chassis, 3 year warantee, Heavenly rad monitors will rain down on us soon, and at a great price. Hang in there.
Yeah, I don't mind waiting too much if that means the issues are worked out. I used a 34UM95 for about a week and man, I really miss the thing!
I'm just hoping for an updated timeframe, especially as we approach the end of July. Still hanging in there, though! :)
Let me know if I'm wrong, but the only difference between enabling DisplayPort 1.1 and 1.2 is 30Hz vs 60Hz, respectively? But both 1.1 and 1.2 are still capable of the full native resolution?
do we know the type of panel (TNF or IPS, etc...)? didn't see that in the spec.
It's an IPS. Damn, very excited to buy this. Anyone have an idea of timeframe for the monitor's arrival?
Patience peeps, and awesomesauce will be with us soon.....July/Aug. Then, the greatest and best gaming monitor experience LG 34UM94-P 21:9 3440x1440 Heaven will be ours in all it's black chassis, 3 year warantee greatness
Whoever he is, he's too late...........SEE!!!??? THE CLIFFS OF INSANITY !!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait any longer!!
Yea, the LinusTech one has been a good one. It's been around awhile. How DARE you click the Submit button twice :)
Very excited about this. Found this review
Very excited about this. Found this review
Any idea when will this monitor. Will be available for purchase? First time using massdrop
Oh. My. This has vesa mounts too!
Yes, many users are finding various Ergotron mounts work well with the consumer model. The stand the consumer model comes with is less than useful, and I'm assuming the 34um94 will have the same kind of stand.
Why does the LG have both DVI and D-sub in its name when in reality it has neither of those? Only HDMI and Displayport according to LG
I think that was just an error in the vote listing.
The 34um95/34um94 both have 2x HDMI, 1 full sized Display Port and 2x Thunderbolt ports (one for chaining). Likely an error in the vote listing showing DVI and d-sub.
Mfg. Item No.. . 34UM94-P UPC Code . . . 719192195059
Item Dimension (L"xW"xH") 35.6 x 20.2 x 7 22.3 lb
PBP (Picture by Picture) Screen Split (S/W) Screen Split (S/W)
ULTRAWIDE QUAD HIGH DEFINITION MAC® COMPATIBLE Resolution : 3440x1440 Color Gamut (CIE1931) : SRGB 99% Brightness (typical) : 320 cd/m2 Contrast Ratio(Original) : 1000:1 Viewing Angle (CR>10) : 178º/178º Surface Treatment: Anti-Glare, 3H HDMI x 2 Headphone Out x 1 Display Port x 1 ThunderBolt x 2 VESA® Size (mm) 100 x 100 Power Cord x 1 HDMI cable x 1 3 Year Limited
Concerning the actual drop, I'm sure that getting enough people to signup to purchase this great monitor at an incredible price isn't the problem. Just getting the word out there and spread around would be the only thing needed. I don't think 100-200 is going to be any problem at all from a voting pool of 2900+ votes. I bet you'll get 400+ purchasers
Hi Everyone, here are some specs from LG.
Hi @Will would you be able to confirm if the local LG distributor (per country) will shoulder the warranty for this monitor
I would like to thank you Will for all your hard work on getting this to happen for this 34UM94. Sounds like a great deal, 3 year warantee, black panel, and it's from their commercial line, so maybe it won't suffer from the current backlight bleed issues of the 34UM95. But seriously, I saw too many posts on here from impatient people demanding updates.....
I wanted to come and thank you many many times for all your effort with this. You rock, you rule and I'm sure many of us feel this way. I will tune in daily for new updates but I will have patience. Thanks again. You're the best.
- Supermoist
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Hi Supermoist,
You're welcome! We're working on processes to make the steps from poll to drop more transparent, but it's not always easy, and companies might not be pleased if we shared each step of the process.
LG's been awesome to work with, always getting back to us quickly with next steps and requirements. But some companies are hard to work with, don't respond for long periods of time, and in those cases it's difficult to update the group without sounding like we're talking trash xD (which never helps).
Anyway, I'll try to keep this updated as often as possible. Thanks for your support and votes!
Any updates this week?
Sweet! Will join this drop once available!
Joined as a result of the 34um94. First time participating in this process. Will be interesting to see when this turns out. I do some purchasing at my job, and heard from my distributors a couple months ago there would likely be a commercial model late July/early August targeted at the professional signage market. If indeed we are looking at shipping by the end of the month, may be able to cancel my 34um95 preorder, or at least return it if it does ship before this goes through. I'll be talking to my distributors to see if I can't get any actual specs on the 34um94.
Got some specs for you, posting in a few : )
Massdrop should check with LG about backlight bleed on these because if these are the same as the UM95 you might be getting some returns.
This is looking to be a quite successful drop.
Too bad it didn't qualify for the whole "if you start a drop that succeeds we'll send you the item for free" deal... :/
Can't wait! In for one!!
Can't wait for it either! Endorsed : )
Will the LG monitor have international shipping as an option to New Zealand?
I'll see if we can add it. Like I said in my post, it'll cost a small fortune for international shipping ($100-$200) but I'll add it if we can.
Very interested in the LG 34UM94.
I would be in on the 34UM94. Just let me know how to express my interest/purchase.
Hi Will,
That's great news! Is there a product page for the LG 34UM94? Assuming, as you said, everything else is the same, I would certainly be interested in purchasing this monitor!
I would definitely buy at $800 shipped. I'm in a situation where I am RMAing the 34UM95 I bought, due to defect. Is there any timeline on how long this might take to get setup? I ask because the place I ordered from is out of stock, and I may just change it from replacement to refund and purchase from Massdrop.
I'm excited about the potential!
Hey Everyone,
After dozens of calls, emails, pitches, and presentations (drum roll please)... Massdrop has been approved as a direct account with LG!
It's taken some time, but we finally have preliminary pricing for your monitor. If enough people join the buy, we might be able to list it for $800 shipped.
Here's the kicker (and the reason it's taken me six days to post this update), we cant list the 34UM95, we're going to list the 34UM94 instead. Don't know that monitor? Neither does anyone else because it comes from the LG Pro line. Why would we list the pro version? It's the exact same monitor but it comes with an extra two years of manufacturer's warranty. We've also been told the 34UM94 is black instead of silver but we'll confirm when the sample arrives.
What do you think of a 34UM95 with a black case and 3 years of warranty coverage from LG for ~$800 shipped? (all shipped prices are assuming you're in the US, international shipping will cost a small fortune by virtue of the weight)
Let me know and I'll get back to LG for the next steps in getting this listed : )
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Thanks for all the hard work, Will! And the rest of the Massdrop team as well!
@Will That would be a great price. Any ideas on what shipping would be to Canada?