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Now Available!

Thanks for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Sony SXRD Full HD 3D Home Theater Projector available.

BrianDrop Buyer

Sony SXRD Full HD 3D Home Theater Projector

Sony SXRD Full HD 3D Home Theater Projector

JVC D-ILA 790 would be a great drop
Hi Everyone!
Based on this poll we worked on finding a powerful Home Theater Projector that doesn't break the bank. We also looked at the review on /r/Zeos in the process (
Today we dropped the Optoma HD25-LV Projector (, which we think is the best projector in terms of price-to-quality ratio.
I Have the W1070, and I am VERY happy with the performance for the price. Plus it does 3d! You do have to get the glasses separately however. Before you buy a projector, use the calculator over at projectorcentral to make sure it will work for you room/screen size, distance.
Maybe I'm not the typical buyer but the bump up from 720p to 1080p is very visible to my eyes. The way ebay sellers try to market their 854 x 560 projector as "1080p" gets on my nerves!
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I've found that its definitely more noticeable with projectors too due to the larger surface area of the screen.
How do you find the difference when you are sitting in a projection setting rather than a TV or computer setting (when you are sitting closer).
Anybody have any thoughts on the pricing for projectors and the marginal benefit of each "tier" increase in price?