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Hey everyone. We couldn't nail down a price that would really pass on any savings to you. We'll keep working on it, but since hard drive tech moves so quick I'm going to close this down for now until we have some updates. Thanks everyone for voting
So.... what now?
Awesome job gather votes!
Just to be clear, there is VERY little room to offer better pricing on hard drives. Generally speaking you need to buy batches of 5000-10000 before they give you pricing to match microcenter's retail price.
Still, I'm working on this, sending emails and scheduling calls. I'll (puts on newsman fedora) update you as the story develops.
Looking forward to this.
300 votes!
We wait for MassDrop to contact the Manufacturer.
Now what?
Nice work /r/XboxOne!
Glad to see we hit 200 votes! Hopefully we can get some great External HDD's!
Yep and it didn't take long either! As Massdrop is new to me (and probably many others) I'm real curious how it all plays out towards the middle and end. Hopefully everyone can get a great deal below everyday prices!