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Schiit WILL NOT do deals. Period.
I just had the Mayflower delivered this week. It's fantastic. Get a decent drop price and reasonable shipping to Canada I will be ordering @ least 2 more.
The Fiio is very dated compared to the Dragonfly and the SMSL M2 that have the Sabre DAC chip. The Dragonfly is overpriced and lacks features. I never liked anything Topping made. Shoddy build quality and mediocre audio quality. The SMSL M2 has the Sabre DAC, a headphone amp, volume control and line-out/optical-out. It should be the clear winner.
It drives me insane to still see people put Schiit products on Massdrop. THEY WILL NOT DO SALES PEOPLE!
Doesn't matter...
Schitt does not do deals...
ON "DEALS" We get asked all the time about deals, sales and other incentives, such as Black Friday specials, EZ credit, trade-ins, monthly payments, purchasing with 2 cards, and a whole raft of other “can I get a better price” questions.
So, here’s our position on sales, specials, financing, discounts, loyalty programs, EZ credit, buy-1-get-1-free, etc:
We don’t do them.
Why? Because when you run sales, specials, financing, or other deals, it has exactly three results:
1. It makes everyone wait for the sales, so suddenly your company is addicted to them. 2. It makes everyone who bought before the sales wonder if they got screwed. 3. It makes everything cost more.
Read #3 again. The simplest sales model is one where everything is a fixed cost, no sales, no promos, no special package deals, no loyalty programs, no EZ financing. And simple is inexpensive. Simple means we don’t have to pass the cost along to you. Anytime we do a sale, start a promo, offer a package deal, or start a loyalty program, we’re adding cost to our products.
That’s why we have one price list, no discounts, no sales, no promos–because it passes the savings along to everyone.
Rename the Schiit product to Schiit Fulla, made in the USA (something that includes the product name).