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Hey Everyone!
I am going to have to close this poll as it is unlikely that we will be able to offer graphics cards. Major computer electronic retailers like Newegg are large volume purchasers and given the small margins on these products, it is unlikely that we will be able to secure a price for the community that is better than what you can find from existing retailers.
Thank you for voting and we will continue to source community identified products from other polls!
As has been pointed out every single time someone has tried to massdrop video cards, this will not happen. Companies cannot afford to sell cased video cards for much less than MSRP or they'll be selling them for less than they pay for the chip alone. Even with hundreds of committed buyers, it would never get more than a 5% discount.
That's right! But 5% is very optimistic. :)
Spread the word! almost 3/4's votes
79 people! It seems like I'm the leader of the rally so keep spreading the word on reddit and other forums
Everybody change their votes to the leading one
Make sure to get people on forums and things to buy!