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Would love to see more turntables on massdrop
I love my U-Turn Orbit turntable. I have it matched with a Yamaha R-S300 receiver and Elac B6 speakers, a very nice sounding system for well under a grand. Anyone considering a turntable should jump at the chance to get the Orbit.
Patiently awaiting a decent TT drop (something slightly above entry level)... Maybe a decked out Planar 2, AT-LP5, MMF-2.3... help me out here! ;-P
The Rega Planar 3 is the most affordable, audiophile level table going. If you are looking for a step up from an entry level tt then the P3 is your best choice - a Rega/Massdrop P3 would be a brilliant package with no regrets!
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For a step up from entry level, belt decks it's very affordable - the best bang for the buck. Most of these usb - Bluetooth decks you see will be priced under $300 but they are garbage - money wasted. You can save up your money and buy a tt that you'l'l have for the rest of your life or you can spend a couple hundred bucks on a toy that will be sitting in a landfill in a couple years time.
Agreed the rp3 is worth it, truly impressive compared to similarly priced alternatives
No Linn LP12? It may be Honda Civic money, but it's still the gold standard. It'll never be a drop, but it deserves to be mentioned at least. If you're a poseur wannabe who babbles on about the wonders of surface noise and the RIAA curve providing "warm" sound, you're gonna wanna have an LP12.
Sooooooooo....Will this ever happen? Almost 3k votes now.
The ProJect TT are awesome and for the price point the ProJect Carbon DC is the best in the market IMO.
Technic 1210 M5G - gotta get two of them, then a decent analog mixer, a large set of monitors and sub woofer. Then you are gonna need some DNB and UKG records. Maybe even some dub reggae for those chilled out nights. Just don't lose site of the dream.
They just did a drop for the Teac TN-200, but I would love to see one for the Fluance RT-81 or any of the Rega/Music Hall/Orbit/Pro-ject decks (in that order).
Any movement planned on this?
Why is Massdrop unable to put together for a turntable? There is lots of interest in a turntable drop but instead all we get every week is the resurrection of a previous headphone drop or headphone amp drop.
Personally I think the AT- LP120 is the best choice, it comes with a built in pre-amp if your looking for a simple setup but if you're a hardcore audiophile it can be removed relatively easily (soldering required but you could always find a local shop to do this for you). Hoping enough interest comes up so I can get it on a drop.
Horrible how?
It's probably one of the better entry-to mid level tables you can get at a reasonable price.
My experience with AT products (both turntables and other items, my M50Xs are so good) has been great but I know from experience getting a few bad products in a row will generally sour anyone on a brand.
My first player was an LP-60 which is generally looked down on (and not without a good reason) but even that worked rather well every time I use it. At the end of the day whatever works for you is the best option.
Rega RP1 is the best option, 5 stars in WhatHIFI, ensambled in UK. The best quality/price ratio, you can pair with of Audioengine A2+ and a small pre amp phono and you have an excellent entry set up to listen records.
Seems like a lot of votes and no movement in 1 year. Per chance Massdrop leadership, shall you take another look? I know Orbit for example as two of the top voted players has been selling on Huckberry and other unconventional places so why not here?
I got tired of waiting for a turn table to drop so I just poured through ebay every day and eventually got a Debut Carbon DC for $220! It is seriously mind-blowing how good this table is.
Sheesh, why do we only get headphones and headphone amp drops? Seems like we have enough interest, you think at least one of these companies would be willing to do a drop.
any updates here?
just please whatever is the cheapest
I see this is still going. Will we be able to choose what color, or will we be defaulted to the one displayed?
Added Pro-Ject Debut Carbon with Ortofon 2M Red cartridge to voting. We need to make this happen!
Any updates?
Did this drop ever happen?
Any updates on if/when this drop will go live?
We need eparate phono pre-amp,can provide a it?
Not sure what you're asking but you do not a separate phono pre-amp and it will not be provided in this drop unless they actually drop the Builder model of the Orbit and give you the option to add the one U-Turn sells.
What time can I buy It?
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Contacted U-Turn audio myself and they said they did a Drop over summer apparently. I asked them if they'd do another drop again soon and got new reply. Hopefully Massdrop sees that this poll has a lot of votes and pushes for another Drop.
I hope this could happen again.