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I have a Vive and a Quest, for often use I would recommend the Quest while if you plan to use VR once in a while only or you have a room dedicated for it go with the Steam VR.
What do people think of ps vr
I hope the people of massdrop notice all of the other VR polls are all rooting for the vive, and by thousands of votes too...
I don't know why the ass people are voting for Oculus. At this point in time it's clear it's objectively worse- lacks room-scale VR, and is "cheaper", but ONLY the version that doesn't come with motion controllers - which is a must for good VR. The HTC vive just seems superior in every way.
It seems to me that there is a mistake in the voting, there are 2 HTC vive votes going on, shouldn't we merge "Vive | Discover Virtual Reality Beyond Imagination" with "HTC Vive". I don't think it's useful to split the votes.
Yeah that's weird.
HTC and/or Oculus better give us this drop!
I'm very happy with the Vive (got mine a couple of weeks ago). We've just got native support for Project Cars, which is amazing in VR. Everyone who tries roomscale is blown away. It's funny watching non techy people (like my wife) getting hooked on it! Still a long way to go, it's pretty rough around the edges for the most part. Hardware is still lagging too, even with a top tear gfx card (I'm using an R9 290X).
I demand a recount. The Vive option must have been added after the Rift voters already came and went.
That or people have bought into the Facebook hype, Oculus is the OG VR headset. Vive blows it out of the water though.
htc vive needs to be crushing it here
Vive all the way!
I'd say the Vive is definitely the way to go. Not saying the Oculus isn't going to be a great headset, but I think Valve are going to take VR to the next level.
They already have. Room-scale VR is far more impressive than what Oculus offers.
Id rather the HTC Vive, I already have the DK2 and would like to compare the two
I'm pro vive but I wouldn't compare a outdated vr set to a recent one its not fair
Well, I'm interested in this drop because Oculus Stated that "they are making little​ to no profit on the Rift".
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Those were the prices from the start. The Reason it is 800+ in Europe is because of retarded import taxes.
Keep in mind that's without the controllers. Vive is not more expensive when you look at the Rift + Touch version! Google it - the touch version on their site costs roughly 800$.
Looks like people need to check out the Vive before hypetrain-smashing the Rift votes! :)
I haven't tried either but knowing what I know am very much for the vive
This is terrible HTC Vive > Oculus Rift
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Its owned by facebook so its not a personal data miner plus you can walk around with it on and its motion tracking is closer to one to one
Literally looking at any of the HTC vs Oculus stats. Room scale VR by default is better than Oculus's webcam-based tracking.
yarrr matey
ye art fools and knaves