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We are still working on sourcing the top products and will update you if we make progress.
any updates with this drop? just curious
I was looking into the Astros because of their reputation as the "pro" gaming headset of choice, but they have some really atrocious customer service problems and don't seem to back their products up at all.
The Steelseries Siberia v3 were just released recently and are going for $100. they are also back ordered, but are allowing reservations.
Hey everyone,
Thanks for voting! We'll look into the top products and reach out to their vendors in hopes of getting it for the community. We will provide an update to the group on or before 10/24.
I really want Skullcandy PLYR1 or Astro A50. Unlike most headsets in the poll they are good for everything, music, movies and games. Steelseries H can only do one thing.
I have the corsair 2100 and they're not the best, they constantly creek at any head or jaw movement. The dual battery setup on the steel series sells me.
Am I the only who thinks that the G930 kind of looks ugly? Just wondering...
If anyone is interested, has the Steelseries H wireless, for $241.47. It's already back ordered, but they're still taking reservations as of this post, so you may want to act fast.
EDit: No longer available :c