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Thanks for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the JBL Pulse Wireless Speaker available.

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JBL Pulse Wireless Speaker

JBL Pulse Wireless Speaker

Unfortunately, Bose products are not feasible for us at this time. I will be closing the poll for now but will update you if anything changes.
Hey everyone,
Thanks for voting! We'll look into the top products and keep you updated.
Hello everyone,
I have had a GGMM wi-fi speaker for awhile and LOVE IT! They announced their new portable Wi-Fi/Bluetooth speaker, and im hoping to get some votes. It has its own SSID built into the speaker and offers multiple connection types. It has 3x's the distance of bluetooth, no sound loss (bluetooth compresses audio files), and can connect up to 16 different devices at once without logging out. With a MAX BASS button and rechargeable batteries, this speaker will work 8-9 hours at full blast! Help make this happen!
UE Boom FTW!, the bose has nicer base, but i prefer the UE because i can take it outside and not worry about it, the water resistance is a big plus, took it to the beach, not a single problem with sand or water, i would recommend the bose if its going to be sitting on a desk, the UE is for a more active lifestyle (my friend brought his bose speaker to the beach and it fell, scratches everywere.)
This should be helpful guys:
While Bose has some decent sounding stuff, I LOVE my UE boom. Battery lasts forever, I like the app (but can be used without), I can take it anywhere (water resistant), and the cylinder shape puts out even sound in all directions. Plus you can't beat being able to hang it from something using the hook on the bottom or pairing 2 for stereo sound.
I'm actually really surprised the Bose has so many votes in this poll... Great idea for a drop anyway!
I also love my UE Boom and am convinced its the best in class portable speaker. the bose might have a slight edge in sound quality but the UE Booms portability with its hook and the water resistance plus the longer battery life really make sit shine IMO.
Edit: I forgot to mention how nice the hook is for backpacking. Just clip it onto your bag and youre good to go.