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Hey Everyone!
Just launched the Tydus Boot from Broken Homme.
Check them out:
I think you will like them!
Thank you to everyone who participated in this poll, I unfortunately have some bad news.
Right now, Work Boots aren’t an item we can list on Massdrop and we do need to close this poll. That said, keep voting for products you want and I’m sure we will get something that’s right for you.
NO! to slippery wolverine...
Hey Guys, reached out to Wolverine recently and they stated that they don't want to work with us.
Shouldn't they be removed from the choices as Massdrop has done for other polls?
Even though i would love a pair of those wolverine 1000 mile boots, if they're useless as work boots they should probably be excluded from this poll
A review on Amazon says the Wolverine 1000 mile boot has a mostly leather sole that gets slippery when wet and so it's not good for wet or snowy weather. Also the toe cap is not steel but plastic, so not so good for 'work' conditions